Sunday, October 11, 2009

Closing in on The End

As a writer do you know that feeling when you hit the final chapters and you get that little pang of regret? That feeling that you'll be sad to move on to new characters and a new place? I know I've had several times that I didn't want the journey to end because of some favorite characters.

Readers can also identify with this when they hit that last couple of chapters and they anxiously eye the number of pages until they reach the back cover. They try to space out their reading time to hang on to the least if the story is really good!

That's where I'm at in the wedding process. Sometimes I wish I could go back and revisit moments along the way. Hopefully I'll get that chance when my stepmom scrapbooks those parts :0) There are some moments I'd rather not revisit, like all the things that went wrong along the way. Unfortunately it seemed like I was too busy putting out fires or concentrating on things that were going on in other aspects of my life to really enjoy being engaged. And now I'm coming up fast on the last chapter. I feel like I've been thumbing the corner of that page for a while, and waiting for the day I'd reach it.

In some ways I'm like that writer (including myself) who's ready to be done with the BBM, going full steam ahead and planning that brilliant final sentence. Or that writer who's ready to finish that neverending round of edits before sliding the submission into the envelope or hitting send on the e-mail to an editor. They're so ready to get to that time after The End which means a much needed break..and many times a new adventure to refresh lagging imaginations.

I'm ready to reach the HEA where my fiance and I walk across the drawbridge and get to the honeymoon. I'm tired of the sleepless nights from stress, the back and forth to keep the peace, having to play "mom" to make sure everyone did their assignments, and filling in when people didn't do as they'd promised. I want to enjoy these last memorable moments, but I know for a while longer I'll be the go-to person who has to make the plans. I just hope that when I go back and look over these times, I can smile and say thanks to all our hard work things turned out just right. I've given up on perfection!

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1 comment:

Lynda K. Scott said...

Ah Skylar, it is a sort of bittersweet feeling to closing one chapter of your life and beginning another, isn't it? I do hope you'll be able to enjoy the 'moment' a bit more as the 'date' draws near and I certainly hope you enjoy the big day itself.

Just remember if something doesn't get done or isn't done perfectly, you'll still have the wedding and the handsome groom {g} and what's better than that?