Friday, March 05, 2010

Spring Cleaning...Kinda!

Spring is almost upon us, leaving many people super happy to see the end of snowy days. As I write this my little town is enveloped in mid 50 degree temps and a slight wind...ah, the first fingers of spring working their way to us. But that also means.... seasonal cleaning!

It got me to wondering how many times do you clean your office? Are you a bad girl/boy and only clean when you have to clear a path, or are you a good girl/boy and clean faithfully every month? Honestly my office was clean until the wedding, then every nook got filled with favors, gifts, etc. At present it's boasting our old mattress set after we inherited a newer/bigger mattress set from my in-laws. I think it was a bribe for a new grandchild, though my hubby's dad is going anti-girl this time, so there will be a male heir. How historical does that sound?

Personally, I fall closer into the clean only if need be, unless I just can't stand it anymore or I get the cleaning urge and go crazy. When I'm upset or depressed watch out carpet, blinds and I come! And after those mattresses skedaddle, I'll be cleaning out my book collection and likely donating them to the local library sale. Though I do shudder at the thought of parting with the titles, still I need room for my newer I'm looking on the bright side.

Today also marks the "purge party" for work, though I've been cleaning all week...which means this weekend my house might not see more than a broom or a soapy sponge to clear those few dishes in the sink. I've heard more than a few people say they found papers back to 1998! One co-worker said they hadn't purged their offices since they moved in in 1997! You know it's bad when the trash guy tells you we should be on the show "Hoarders"! Personally after seeing the number of filled paper boxes for the trash guys to dump so we can refill them, not to mention the 2 ton dumpster they brought in for the special occasion, that we need to do this little event every year. In fact, I don't think a 6 month or monthly rule would hurt. True some people are more pack-ratty than others, but a few of the things we've unearthed are just plain eewwwy!

Care to tell us what ewwwy things you've found while cleaning your office?

At work I found a melted stick of butter in a bag....which of course I must have brought for toast but forgot about. Eww! And in case you're wondering under the bed I found shoes, a couple Christmas decorations and a few dust bunnies! Which my cat promptly attacked :0)

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