Monday, November 28, 2011

Review - Embrace The Highland Warrior

Embrace The Highland Warrior
Anita Clenney
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
November 2011

After years away from her childhood home, Shay decides to spend the night there. Her aunt Nina is away, the house and all its memories are hers. But the first night, she awakes from a nightmare, hearing the floor boards creak under an intruders weight. Shay grabs the nearest weapon, a candlestick, and goes to investigate. She attacks the large shadowy form in the hallway but the man's reflexes are astounding. Before she knows it, the intruder has her in a death grip and demands to know who she is. The voice brings back memories, both good and heartbreaking. The same memories she's determined to face and conquer so that she can move forward with her life.

Cody Connor, one of the famed Warriors of the Connor Clan, can't believe Shay is back in Virginia. But there she is just as stubborn and independent as always. And just as tormentingly beautiful. He's always known she was his destined mate but he'd been forbidden to let her know who he and his family really were or that they'd been trying to keep her safe all her life. When he was just entering the service, he'd let her get away. Now she was back and he meant for her to stay.

The demon who thought he'd killed Shay years earlier, though, has just discovered her empty grave. Her death is the only thing standing between him and eternal life.

Embrace the Highland Warrior is a fantastic combination of romance, sexy Highland warriors, and the  paranormal. This was actually the first book I'd read in this series. I loved it so much, I ordered the first one Awaken the Highland Warrior from Amazon and couldn't wait until it arrived. You can see my review of it here.

During the story, Shay is assailed by painful memories of her past but not just painful ones. She has many happy memories which lead inexorably to her deep love for Cody, the playmate then the handsome boy next door. Ms Clenney's skills are clearly in evidence as she develops both Shay and Cody, how they grew up, grew together, and fell in love. She made these two characters so real, so sympathetic, that they draw us into the story and the plot seduces us into staying. Yes, these books are the sort that you can't put down. You'll find yourself carrying the book from room to room or in your purse if you have to go out.

But even worse...Ms Clenney has other drool worthy warriors just waiting for their own books. They're not alone. Many readers are waiting too. If you haven't read the two books in this series, buy them for yourself as a Christmas present but go ahead and read them. You'll be happy you did.


Anita Clenney said...

Thanks for such a lovely review!

Victoria said...

Nice review. I think this is going to be a fun read. Thanks.