Monday, January 23, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

Good morning everyone!

I’m not a winter person.

I don’t like the short days. I don’t like the cold. I don’t like ice. I don’t like snow that has to be shoveled. I don’t like having to wear heavy winter coats and boots just to stay warm and upright.

But…it’s part of Nature’s cycle in this part of the world so I’ve resigned myself to it. Luckily, we only have a few months of winter followed by…Yay, Spring! At this time of year, I start the Spring count down. As the numbers of days till Spring gets smaller, the days get longer, the air warms and the snow…well, the snow tends to turn to rain. If it isn’t warm enough outside, the rain and snow mix into a nasty, dangerous icy combo that causes accidents and falls and downed lines and, sometimes even, roof damage.

Yeah, I definitely don’t like winter, lol.

So I trick myself into anticipating Sping, glorious Spring! I count down the days. I study the spring catalogues with all the newest plants. I plan my garden. My plans are always more grand than the actual project turns out but I live in a dreamer’s world. I believe in the right to dream.

Dreams are great things. Dreams help us visualize our plans (like my garden or my books). They can show us how we can get there. I’ve been known to use my dreams to come up with book plots and sometimes entire stories.

Some of those dreams turned into scenes in my novel, Heartstone (yep, the scarier scenes—I have a scary mind, lol, but the hero is to die for) and some went into 

scenes in Altered Destiny (okay, there are scary scenes there too but some of those scenes were with the hunky hero, Devyn who makes it worthwhile). Some dreams turned into complete stories, like my novella, Heart Of A Dragon (a lonely dragon is robbed of his greatest treasure and sets about retrieving it). Though Heart Of A Dragon is more fantasy, there is a very sweet romance in it. One day I may expand it into a novel size or build on it for a different book altogether.

I’ll have to dream on it to decide ;-)

Do you have any mid-winter rituals to get you through the cold, dreary months? Share them with us. If you include your email addy in your comment, I’ll have my alien kitten, Wookie, pick one person to win a e-copy of either Heartstone or Altered Destiny (winner’s choice). Leave your comment by January 27.

Oh, as of today, Monday January 23, there are 57 days till Spring! I can barely wait.


     Heartstone is available in print and ebook format

Altered Destiny,

Heart Of A Dragon,


Pauline B Jones said...

Don't hate me, but it is summer I have a struggle getting through. It's long down here in Texas, hot, humid. And so far, we haven't had a real winter yet! But I do get post-holiday blues. Day dreaming always works and reading a good book, or watching an old favorite movie. A little rock'n roll music helps, too. Hoping for a book release soon, too. Happy New Year and here's hoping your winter is short (and we get one to kill off the bugs for a bit).

Ally Broadfield said...

I'm right there with Pauline. I grew up in the north and love the snow, but I live in Texas now and it's the super hot, dry summers I dread. To add a little excitement, we had a dust storm late yesterday afternoon that shut down the airport for several hours. Good luck with your garden plans! It requires an awful lot of water to keep a garden going down here, but I do have great hopes for some container gardens this year.

Karin Shah said...

I'm from Western New York, but live in Ohio now and this winter is making me nervous. It's supposed to be almost 50 degrees today. It was 10 degrees on Saturday. These swings are crazy! I do get tired of the snow by late february though and at that point I make the kids get out the construction paper and we make a chain counting the days until Spring. I do love the warm weather, but last year it was really too hot to hang out outside for most of the summer. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in Texas in the summer!

savannah said...

I love winter!! I hate the summer between the heat and too long days, no offense :) but if I could I'd live in snow year round, I'm like a big kid when I see its snowing out side I get both of my kids in snow suits and we spend the whole day playing in the snow! To be fair though I do like spring too its just that awful summer I hate!

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL Pauline and Ally, first, I never hate anyone for their preferences. I might shake my head but never would I hate ;-) TBH, I'm not into hot, humid summer either. There's a reason why we have air conditioning. But Spring and Fall, those are my seasons.

Karen, it's crazy, isn't it? We're supposed to be unseasonably warm today too. It's 47 deg outside right now. And raining sort of. That's okay too. I don't have to shovel rain ;-)

Savannah, boy, I'd give you all my winter if I could, lol. I have another friend who enjoys winter more than any other season too. Doesn't make her any less lovable, lol, though occasionally I try to sell her a mountain side in the Everglades. She usually smacks me upside the head ;-)

Lynda K. Scott said...

If you want to be in the drawing, make sure you leave your email addy with your comment. That way I know you want a book and I have a way to contact you...and Wookie will be a happy alien kitten ;-)

Victoria said...

Ooops - I love winter :). I hate the heat so winter is my time to thrive. So I don't have any rituals to get through it. In fact I love cold cloudy days - I find them relaxing.
Hi Wookie - I know you like the sunny days don't you? My Ewok used to love to sleep in the sun soaking up all the rays :).


Linda Andrews said...

Living in Phoenix, our winter is nothing compared to others. But I don't defrost until the temps hit a nice balmy 90. Of course after four months of summer, I break out the Christmas books, movies and music and pray I can make it another 3 months until the weather turns a very chilly 80. Brrr.

Lynda K. Scott said...

RFLOL, I'm feeling so 'alone' ;-) At least Wookie agrees with me that winter is too cold. Yes, Victoria, Wookie likes her sunshine, her nice warm sunshine. I swear she can find a sunny beam to lay in even on a cloudy day.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Alright, finally someone who's on my side with winter, lol. Linda, I hear you about defrosting though I prefer something a bit less warm than 90 ;-) Of course, when it gets too hot, I don my shorts and sip iced tea on the patio...while Wookie meows at me from the window. She's afraid of the big outdoors so the window is as close as she gets to being outside ;-)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Alrighty, I combined the comments here with the comments sent to my email box and let Wookie loose ;-)

After pouncing and smothering them and clawing them and pouncing and smothering again, she finally picked the winner....drum roll please!

And the winner is

Karla R.

Karla, send me an email with your choice of either Heartstone or Altered Destiny and I'll get it to you ASAP.

Thanks everyone for commenting! Wookie had lots of fun choosing a winner (and I had lots of fun watching her, lol)