Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review - Stud by Cheryl Brooks

Cheryl Brooks
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
February 2012

Tarq Zulveidinoe, cruising the galaxy in a quest procreate his species and to find his one true mate, meets Lucy at a restaurant. He doesn’t think of himself as very intelligent because he can’t read but he doesn’t like to let anyone know. So he asks her to make a recommendation. After his meal, Tarq ends up with Lucy's chocolate pie for dessert. When she’s near he catches her scent and it does remarkable things to him. All the parts of him. That’s how Zetithian males know their mates – by their scent. But Tarq knows he isn’t too bright which is why he’d become one of the galaxies best male prostitutes. Not having any special skills, he fell back on the one thing he knew he could do well…give a woman pleasure like she’s never known.

Lucy is the overworked, over protected and somewhat plain daughter of the restaurant’s owner. She’s always wanted a family of her own but her father has successfully kept all the boys away from her. Now, the available men are somewhat brutish and she isn’t interested in any of them. In Tarq, she sees a means to an end. Zetithian men always  give a woman three babies at a time. With Tarq, she can have the family she’s always wanted and an escape from the drudgery in her father’s restaurant and home. She takes him up on his offer for sex.

But when she thinks she’s pregnant, she has to set in motion the second part of her plan –to leave home and go to another city to  find a job and raise her children. When she packs her things and sets off on foot, Tarq is dismayed. He immediately sets out to find her, hoping to convince her to ‘settle for a dummy’ like him. Therein starts their journey of discovery.

I loved this story, as I usually do, although I tend find the lack of confidence in both Tarq and Lucy a bit tedious. Yes, both had problems but they made the best of their situation and actually did quite well. But no matter how well they did, neither felt successful or confident in the results. Aside from that, this book was a fast and entertaining read.

The characters were adorable…well, except for the bad guys who got their comeuppance as happens to bad guys. Ms Brooks always does a superb job creating new planets with new life forms and Stud is no different. It’s not any different in the erotic sex scenes either which work to provide insights into the characters as well as to advance the story.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Stud for any SF loving, romance loving reader. It’s wildly imaginative, highly entertaining and sure to become a classic in its genre.


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