Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review - Chase Me

Chase Me
Tamara Hogan
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
June 2012

They've been here for centuries, passing as normal humans. They've been cautious allowing only a select few to know who and what they are. But now Valkyrie archaeologist Lorin Schlessinger has discovered an artifact that might be from the crash landing of their ancient ship. When it accidentally opens, those in authority want to keep  tabs on the site and Lorin has already proven that she can't be bothered with mere paperwork. So they put werewolf geologist Gabe Lupinsky in charge.

What they don't bargain on is the explosive attraction Gabe and Lorin share. Gabe knows that he doesn't have a future with the Valkyrie second, not with his family's physical problems and certainly not with the werewolf leaders preference for racial purity.

When Lorin realizes Gabe has been put in charge of her operation she's incensed. But she soon discovers that the handsome werewolf is her match in stubborn tenacity. And more than her match in passion. What starts as scratching a mutual, irresistible itch slowly becomes something more.

Interwoven with an outstanding love story is a thread of mystery and danger that neither Gabe nor Lorin realizes. The artifacts have given off a signal that goes into space and is received by someone who wants to gain wealth for finding the lost ship. And he uses one of Lorin's student archeologists to gather more information.

I loved Taste Me and though this isn't quite as heavy an urban fantasy as Taste Me, Chase Me is a marvelous love story that gives an even deeper view of the paranormal creatures that co-inhabit Earth. Even tempered and level headed Gabe is a perfect counterfoil to the hot headed, excitable Valkyrie Lorin. They complement each other emotionally and physically. Their love story is both wildly passionate and warmly tender.

I can't wait to read the next in this series. I highly recommend it. 

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