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Guest - A.S. Fenichel

Good morning all! Today's guest is A.S. Fenichel, who has given us an inspiring post on...inspiration. A.S. also has a giveaway so make sure you read on to get the details.


To Muse or not to Muse… Where do writers find inspiration?

I want to thank you for having me here today. I’m so excited, that I’ve decided to give away an Ebook copy of Mayan Craving, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

Since having my first book, Mayan Afterglow published last year, I find people ask me two questions quite often. Some ask, “Will you write my story?” This is tricky. I answer, “The book will never be as good told third party. You should really write your own story.” The other questions I hear are, “where do the stories come from? What inspires you?”  The simple answer is, “Everywhere and almost everything.”

Of course that is only a half-truth. Some writers actually have a muse. They must be in love or be tormented by love, in order to write. I would not consider my husband, a thirty-year veteran police officer, my muse. I’m sure he’s happy to hear that. However, I would say that being in a stable relationship makes my writing life easier.

Now you are probably thinking, just answer the question already.

The thing is, for me, there is no simple answer. Every story has its own trigger. In each case, once the trigger is pulled, it has to marinate in my brain for a while. I tuck it away where it won’t be disturbed by the day to day grind. It does not require nurturing. In fact, it’s better if I just ignore it until it becomes a plot, character or scene. Once that happens, it has to nag at me like a petulant child before I’ll pay it any mind.

For example, Mayan Afterglow started as a dream about a thief in a castle. The thief is skulking around filling his bag with treasure when a bolt of lightning appears in the dining room. Within the bolt he sees a man kissing a woman but soon realizes that what appears to be a kiss is actually the life being sucked out of the woman. I didn’t have any idea what I would do with the very interesting snapshot I was left with on that particular night, until I read a call for entries looking for stories about the End of Days. Suddenly, that thief pushed to the front of my mind. He was no longer in a castle. He was raiding abandoned homes in Lake George, New York. The rest of the story tumbled forward in a rush of information. Ellora’s Cave Publishing released Mayan Afterglow in July 2011.

Asher Dove started out as a character that I created to facilitate movement in Mayan Afterglow. Once the book was finished, Asher wouldn’t go away. He was quirky, funny and admirable in so many ways. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that Asher’s story needed to be told. Again, that nugget was tucked away in the back of my hyperactive imagination for about a month. One day I could see Asher flying his Cessna airplane in search of the woman of his dreams and Mayan Craving was born. My wonderful publisher, Ellora’s Cave released Mayan Craving in May 2012.

About a year ago the first scene for a new book popped into my mind. I had scratched my hand on a piece of wire while working in the yard. It got me thinking about a character in a historical novel I was reading at the time. She would have been wearing gloves and not risked injury to her delicate hands. I pictured her in the nineteenth century sneaking into a garden in the middle of the night. Her very stylish evening dress had three inches of mud caked on the bottom and her hair had fallen from its elegant coif. She closed the iron gate and lamented a tear in her favorite gloves. It was all so delicious that I wrote the scene down. I added to it from time to time over the next twelve months, having little idea where this snippet would go or if would ever turn into a book.  A few weeks ago I was doing my daily walk, six miles of hilly, country road, and it hit me. Suddenly, I knew who Belinda was, I knew where she’d been and I knew the man waiting for her on the verandah was her fiancĂ©. Once I had all of that backstory, a plot as unconventional as Belinda spilled forth. A few days later, on another long walk, I realized that this was only the beginning of a very long complicated series of books. I admit I was a little scared at this point but I’ve been hard at work.  This story is not yet published.

Coming back to the original question:  Where do the stories come from? I guess my answer is, I don’t really know. Sometimes it’s dreams and sometimes a torn glove. Lightning can strike walking down a country road or sitting in a fancy restaurant eavesdropping on the table next to you while a woman gives her husband a scolding. The point is that inspiration is all around us, so keep an open mind.

Book Giveaway:
As I said at the beginning, I’m so happy to be here, I’d love to give someone an electronic copy of Mayan Craving. All you have to do is comment on this post and drop me a quick email at with your email address in the text. I will do a drawing for the winner in a few days and post the winner here. It’s just that easy! Good luck!!

Here’s the blurb from Mayan Craving, my latest release and you can read more at my website

Surviving the End of Days was only the beginning of the journey for Nancy. After years of searching, she’s finally found her missing sister, but when she attempts to rescue Robyn, she enters her worst nightmare. Captured by demons and about to be sacrificed, Asher is her unexpected hero. Asher’s kindness and bravery arouse her lust, and leave her wanting much more than just his friendship.

Asher has been in love with Nancy since he first laid eyes on her, but her infatuation with another man always left him standing in the background. Her sudden craving for him couldn’t turn him on more. He can’t help finding rapture with Nancy, but the attraction could only be fleeting.

While danger and passion pull them together, doubt may rip them apart. They’ll need more than a carnal connection if they’re to survive.

Don’t forget Mayan Craving is available in electronic formats at
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About the Author:
A.S. Fenichel adores writing stories filled with love, passion, desire, magic and maybe a little mayhem tossed in for good measure. Books have always been her perfect escape and she still relishes diving into one and staying up all night to finish a good story. Originally from New York, she grew up in New Jersey. She now lives in the southwest with her real life hero, her wonderful husband. When she is not reading or writing she enjoys cooking, travel, history and puttering in her garden.
A.S. loves to hear from readers. Here’s how you can reach her.

-- Lynda Again,

   Great post, A.S! And your books sound fantastic. Thanks for being with us.

    Hope you all have a Blessed Day!


A.S. Fenichel said...

Thank you, Lynda. It's wonderful to be here.

Karla Doyle said...

What an interesting post, A.S. :)
I'm always interested in where people get their creative inspiration, especially when they write stories that involve world-building or other fantasy elements.
I'm off to check out your books now. Thanks for sharing your process!

A.S. Fenichel said...

Thanks Karla, I'm glad you liked it. I hope you'll like the books as well. Drop me a line to let me know.

shelley noble said...

Always fun to get a little look into that aha moment that changes an image to an idea.

A.S. Fenichel said...

Thanks for stopping by, Shelley.

bn100 said...

Very nice post. The book sounds good.

Cris Anson said...

You're so right about inspiration coming from anywhere and everywhere, especially from out of the blue! I have both your Mayan books in my TBR pile.

A.S. Fenichel said...

Thank you, Cris. That is so nice of you. I hope you enjoy them. They were a lot of fun to write.

A.S. Fenichel said...

Yippy! BN100 won a copy of Mayan Craving! Congratualtions!