Monday, August 20, 2012

Review - Magic Gone Wild

Magic Gone Wild
Judi Fennell
Sourcebooks Casablanca
August 2012

Vana, short for Nirvana, dropped out of genie training school rather abruptly and unexpectedly. That doesn't stop her from being a devoted genie. It does stop her from being a good one. She can't control her genie magic and the simplest tasks elude her. But she's determined to get her magic under control for her new master, handsome football player Zane Harrison.

Zane has come home to take care of the family estate, a task he wants finished immediately. He also hopes to put an end to his grandfather's bizarre reputation that's haunted him since he was a child. Then he discovers the bottle and the genie and realizes why his grandfather's reputation was so strange.

But the attraction between Vana and Zane is nearly combustible. And it's not just attraction, Vana discovers. For her part, there's far more than just sexual want. There's emotion and that's utterly dangerous for a genie. If a genie says 'I love you', she loses her power immediately. As helter-skelter as Vana's power is, she doesn't want to lose it. She's wanted to be a genie since she was a child.

So she turns back time to eliminate that one dangerously passionate interlude with Zane. He doesn't remember but she does. When he starts to remember little out of place events, Vana is caught in a web of her own making. Well, hers and the Merlin's, the talking phoenix who acts as her conscience and helps to bring Zane and her together. One thing they discover is that Zane can help her control her power. Most of the time.

Their problems are compounded by the appearance of the story villain, Gary, who suspects what Vana is. And he wants it, magic and woman, for his own. All he has to do is find her bottle and she'll be his. His efforts to acquire the bottle are as hilarious as Vana's efforts to perform useful magic but that doesn't make him less dangerous.

Magic Gone Wild is a funny, sexy story that is a delight to read. Judi Fennell can always be counted on for wonderful characters and great plots and she doesn't fail us in this book. If you want a good summer read, this is it. Highly recommended!

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Jennifer (JC Page) said...

Sorry, a little late for the party Lynda. Didn't want to miss... Judi sounds like a great book, especially for my late nights. Love the genie and magic elements...Happy Sales!