Monday, September 24, 2012

Review - A Lady and Her Magic

A Lady and Her Magic
Tammy Falkner
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
September 2012

Sophia Thorne is an outspoken beauty who has been taught how to behave while in the ton. But while she can intermix with them, she isn't really one of them. She's a fairy and she's come to help out the beleaguered Duke of Robinsworth and his obnoxious daughter. Of course, she's not the fairy who was given this assignment. She took it on her own to prove herself to her relatives and to the Fae elders. She's fully confident she can help the child with her nightmares. But she's surprised to find herself attracted to the dangerous Duke.

The ton believes Ashley, the Duke of Robinsworth, killed his wife and there's no way he can prove definitively that he didn't. He hates the fact that he is the fodder for all the gossip mongers in the Ton. Even more, he hates the nightmares his daughter, Anne, has suffered since her mother's death. He knows that even with his dastardly reputation, Anne will need to be a member of society eventually. As much as he hates the idea of his little girl growing up, he wants to do the best he can for her. So when Miss Sophia Thorne is able to turn one of Anne's tantrums into polite behavior, he thinks he's found his answer. But he doesn't bargain for the instant attraction he feels for Sophia.

While the historical details can get a little 'muddy', A Lady and Her Magic is a delightful adult fairy tale. It has magic and enough steamy scenes to satisfy any paranormal romance lover. Ms. Falkner is one half of the writing duo behind Lydia Dare. 

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