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Guest - Laura Bickle

Good morning! It's getting closer to that time of year when the things that go bump in the night...go bump in the daylight too! Yes, I'm talking about Halloween. Make sure you have the treats you need to make the little ghosties and goblins happy...and, for those of you with DST, remember Sunday, Nov 4 is Fall Back day.


Hoarding Words
by Laura Bickle

I tend to hang on to a lot of things. Pictures from when I was a kid. Jeans that I swear that I'll be able to get back into once I lose ten pounds. A prairie skirt that I'm convinced is going to come back in fashion.

But mostly, I hoard words. And word-related things. As a writer, I'm constantly doing research, filing ideas and images in the back of my mind. Sometimes, that manifests in the physical world. And an odd collection of things begins to grow at my desk.

First are project notebooks. I keep an old-fashioned paper notebook for each book I write. They're largely illegible, containing scribbled notes and outlines, pasted scraps of articles, and bent photos. But I know where everything is. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to see how I've progressed through the project - all my finds are marked with a date. They are, in their ways, journals.

Next is the inspiring artwork. My desk is made of an old six-panel door placed across a couple of file cabinets. I've covered the top with glass to give me a smooth writing surface and to allow me to slip treasures underneath. When I start on a new project, I change the artwork. Nearly anything can find its way into that collection: Tarot cards, calendar pictures, magazine clippings. They may be silent, but they help inspire words in some way or other.

Finally, there's the tactile debris of the project, strewn across my desk...well, until a cat finds it and absconds with it. This collection is ever-changing. It can include anything from coins to feathers, and bits of sea glass. I now have a cluster of clear quartz perched beside my keyboard. I picked it because it reminds me of a setting in my work in progress. I find myself absently stroking it when I edit, like a spiny worry stone.

I know that I'm finishing a story when the desk is full. When I can visualize the world and characters in all their detail, just by flipping through pages or letting my fingers roam over the space.

There's a certain amount of sadness when a project is finished. I clear out the knickknacks. I take the pictures out from under the glass. I file my tattered notebook on the shelf, take out a crisp new one with unmarked pages and place it on the desk.

It's a blank slate. A new beginning. A little scary.

But then something new catches my eye.

It's an oddly-speckled rock. It looks like an egg.

I place it at the center of my desk. It's the beginning of a new hoard of words.


By Laura Bickle
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Graphia
Release Date: September 25, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0547859262

If your home was the last safe place on earth, would you let a stranger in?

Katie is on the verge of her Rumspringa, the time in Amish life when teenagers can get a taste of the real world. But the real world comes to her in this dystopian tale with a philosophical bent. Rumors of massive unrest on the “Outside” abound. Something murderous is out there. Amish elders make a rule: No one goes outside, and no outsiders come in. But when Katie finds a gravely injured young man, she can’t leave him to die. She smuggles him into her family’s barn—at what cost to her community? The suspense of this vividly told, truly horrific thriller will keep the pages turning.

"This is a book to make you fear the shadows--a horrifying and gruesome tale of faith, and things that blink red eyes in the night. I began reading in the daylight, and read on into the late hours, leaning close, biting my lip. I could not look away; I was obsessed. Katie is an unbreakable soul."
--Lauren DeStefano, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of the Chemical Garden Trilogy

“What an eerily believable, unique story! I can’t stop thinking about it—or shivering.”
—Melissa Marr, New York Times best-selling author of the Wicked Lovely series

“Readers will find it hard to put down this suspenseful, scary, compulsively readable adventure…”
-Kirkus Reviews

- THE HALLOWED ONES is available from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, and Books A Million.

- A free excerpt of THE HALLOWED ONES is available here:

- For more info about Laura and her books, please visit her website at She’s also on Facebook and Twitter, usually exclaiming over cute cat pictures and nerdy things.

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    Wow, I'd love to see that desk! And I think I'm heading over to Amazon or BN to get The Hallowed Ones. It sounds like a great Halloween read!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest - Shauna Roberts

Good morning all! Our guest today is author Shauna Roberts. Shauna will be discussing how creating emotions will deepen the story.


The Closet Door Slowly Creaked Open And Then…

…a writer jumped out, waving a stack of printouts, to tell you about her research!

Okay, you probably didn't jump at the thought of a writer jumping out of a closet. But why not? With Halloween only a week away, I thought I’d share with you some of the research I’ve been doing on human fears and elements that make a story scary.

Some fears are instinctual. They evolved to protect animals from dangers they were likely to encounter and might not survive. For example, all young mammals know not to walk off an edge.

A more recent fear (evolutionarily speaking) is the fear of spiders and snakes among primates, whose ancestors encountered these creatures in the African jungles where they first evolved. In experiments, baby monkeys, apes, and humans all react with fear when a scientist puts out a toy snake or spider.

Scientists have suggested several other fears that may be instinctual in modern humans: the fear of blood (and fainting in response to seeing it) and items linked to blood such as surgical instruments; fear of dirt and contamination; and fear of vermin such as rats, mice, and insects.

“Instinctual” does not mean immutable. People can learn to not be afraid of scary things. Many people skydive, become doctors and nurses, and make pets of snakes.

The opposite is true, too. People can develop phobias, an excessive fear of something. Interestingly, a biological predisposition probably underlies some of these fears as well. The top causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory diseases, stroke, accidents, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, and the flu. Yet people are more likely to be afraid of flu shots than of the flu, and few people are afraid of cars or fast-food hamburgers. Instead, the most common phobias include fear of dogs, fear of thunder and lightning, fear of social events, fear of dead things, fear of confined spaces, fear of clowns, fear of public speaking, fear of the dark, fear of flying in an airplane, and fear of situations from which it’s hard to escape.

Knowing what people tend to fear most is useful for a writer. Reptiles, people in masks, dark places, and zombies, for example, are common elements of horror movies. But we can’t rely only on a vivid description of a snake or a corpse to horrify.

It’s the emotions a story generates in the reader that make it scary, not just a vat of spiders or a rundown Victorian house. Many techniques stir emotions:

  • Create characters readers care about. If Nancy Nogood abuses her kids and dog, the reader won’t identify with her or feel anything if she encounters danger.
  • Have events that seem possible. For example, most people don’t pick up hitchhikers anymore, so a murderous hitchhiker story may not engage readers….unless you make the hitchhiker someone even your most cautious readers would consider stopping for, such as a woman with a baby hitching on a deserted road at night in a terrible snowstorm.
  • Give the antagonist abilities, strengths, or daring far superior to the main character(s). Ghosts are scary because they can’t be killed and you can’t escape them. Sociopaths are scary because they lack empathy and normal inhibitions; they see no difference between destroying you and destroying a coffee table.
  • Put a child in danger.
  • Create a mood with your setting or description. For example, a cemetery at midnight is inherently scarier than a shopping mall at noon unless you fill that shopping mall with zombies. Choose your words for intensity and emotional impact: Compare the thoughts and feelings evoked by the description “red” versus “crimson” or “fevered” or “bloodstained.” Ditto for “water vapor” versus “mist” or “fog” and for “box the size of a refrigerator” versus “box the size of a coffin.”
  • Put your strongest words at the ends of sentences and paragraphs. (A good idea for every kind of writing, by the way.) Strong words at the end of sentences in this blog post include “spider,” “snakes,” “horrify,” “danger,” “snowstorm,” “coffin,” “zombies,” “trouble,” and “axe.”
  • Make escape seem impossible.
  • When a character manages to escape danger, they should land in greater trouble.
  • Follow a shock (such as a writer jumping out of a closet) with physical and emotional reactions—the physiological reaction to the surprise, the shriek or scream, running away, the emotions caused by being chased, the emotions that accompany encountering obstacles that prevent escape, and so on.
  • Hint at the danger awaiting a character but drag out showing the event so that the timing is a surprise. Have the event be at least a little different from what the reader is expecting. For example, show the prison escapee breaking into the cellar and finding an axe. Then stretch out the parents’ disagreement upstairs as they get their kids ready for bed.
  • Keep what’s going on at least a partial mystery to the characters.
  • Gore or fully described monsters aren’t necessary to make your scene scary. Sometimes the unseen is scarier for the reader. For example, in “Beowulf,” we never see the monster Grendel in full; we only see his arm reaching in the window to snatch a sleeping warrior. Or think of the monsters that hid under your bed when you were little. You never saw them, but occasionally they would snuffle or scratch the floor…. 

Like Mayflies in a Stream

Within the walls of ancient Uruk on the bank of the Euphrates, more than fifty thousand people live, love, work, and play, ruled over by King Gilgamesh and protected by their patron goddess, Inanna.

Although Gilgamesh epitomizes manly physical perfection, in other ways he falls short as a king. His subjects fear him, and for good reason, because he has become a bored and restless tyrant.

The people cry out to the gods for relief. The priestess Shamhat fears Gilgamesh's growing wildness will attract the wrath of the gods. She wants to protect Inanna and her temple, as well as free the people of Uruk from Gilgamesh's oppression, but she fears the repercussions for her and her son if she acts against the out-of-control king.

Then word comes to Uruk of a wild man living in the desert, a man the equal of Gilgamesh in size and strength. The king thinks the wild man can relieve his boredom and restlessness and sends someone to bring him back to court. But the person he has chosen, Shamhat, has her own agenda: She believes the wild man can humble the arrogant king.

Enkidu the wild man becomes a pawn in the struggle between Gilgamesh and Shamhat, and the future of Uruk hangs in the balance.

Available on
The book is available as an ebook, a trade paperback, and a hardcover. People can order it from, Barnes & Noble online, and local bookstores.

About Shauna Roberts is a novelist, short-story writer, and editor who lives in Southern California. She writes primarily science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction. A 2009 graduate of the Clarion Writers' Workshop, she won the 2011 Speculative Literature Foundation’s Older Writers Grant.

Her publications include many short stories; Like Mayflies in a Stream, a novel based on an ancient legend, the “Epic of Gilgamesh”; and Ice Magic, Fire Magic, a fantasy novel with romantic elements to be published by Hadley Rille Books in summer 2013. She is also working on a cookbook of recipes for prehistoric and ancient foods for modern cooks tied into Hadley Rille Books’ “Archaeology Series” novels. 

Contact information

Shauna Roberts (the email to give to readers) (fiction Website) (personal blog) (blog related to forthcoming cookbook) (Facebook page)


-- Lynda Again,
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Working Monday

Happy…er… Monday?

Well, it's a glorious day even if it is Monday. And it's a working Monday, the day I do general plotting for my stories and books. 

But I just got my author copy of Magical Mayhem (paperback) and that's pretty good for a squee moment. There are some terrific authors in this anthology and some terrific YA stories. I enjoyed this so much that I'm actually writing another story for the next anthology, Love Stinks.

I had a bit of difficulty coming up with the plot for Midnight Prom (tentative title) and during a convo with my VBFF, I admitted that I'd probably fall back on my YA days. I was pretty sure that I could come up with something that fit the anthologies theme - Love Stinks. Well, VBFF started talking about her prom and things just started clicking. I made a couple of notes and sent them to myself on my phone (got to love these gadgets!) and when I got home, I started writing the story of a late bloomer shapeshifter and her prom night. (No, VBFF is NOT a shapeshifter, lol).

This isn't a whole lot different in plotting terms than some of my other projects. One story was inspired by a NASA news article I'd seen about binary stars. Another was inspired by a dream about dust bunnies (my inner Sally Homemaker was probably trying to convince me to get busy, lol). 

A sexy male photo inspired Heartstone (available in print or Ecopy). A conglomeration of things inspired Altered Destiny (Kindle) (I won't detail all of them because I'd take the whole page to do it but I did huge amounts of research on Scots to write Altered Destiny (Nook) and that was lots of fun!). My book, Rider (still looking for a publisher), was inspired by a TV commercial but, of course, I took it three steps sideways and two steps forward.

Heart of a Dragon, my short story in Magical Mayhem, (Kindle) was inspired by my love of dragons and the clothing of a young girl I'd seen at the mall (always looking for things I can write about of use as details, lol).

I'm not sure how other authors come up with plot ideas but I sometimes worry that I'm a bit…er…out there, lol.

Wookie, my alien kitten, tells me I haven't offered a copy of Altered Destiny here for a while. The first two persons who send me an email ( with Altered Destiny in the subject line will get a pdf copy.

Have a Blessed Day!

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Musing on Monday

Good morning! It's Monday but we don't have a guest today. I do, however, have a pretty good recipe for Mac and Cheese on my other blog. Stop by and say hi!

I don't remember if I'm told you but I have a short story available in the YA anthology Magical Mayhem. It's available in print and in Kindle format. There are some really great authors (including me, lol).

Magical Mayhem is the first of many anthologies to come from new tween/teen publisher Ambush Books. This anthology truly has something for everyone featuring short tales that will twist your brain and wrap around your soul. "Heart of A Dragon" a heart-warming YA adventure by Lynda K. Scott. Magical Mayhem is the perfect bedtime companion for a cold autumn’s night.

Buy Links:

Heartstone - Eric d'Ebrur is out of time. He must find the legendary Heartstone and fulfill the ancient Gar'Ja bond he shares with the Stonebearer. But when he finds her, he discovers that love can be more dangerous than the Gawan threat. Eric can defeat the mind-controlling Gawan but will it cost him the woman he loves? After terrifying episodes of hypersensitivity, Keriam Norton thinks she's losing her mind. When handsome shapeshifter Eric d'Ebrur saves her from the monstrous Gawan, she's sure of it. But insane or not, she'll find the Heartstone and, if she's lucky, a love to last a lifetime.

Available in print and ebook format
Buy Links: 

Altered Destiny - Stranded on an alternate Earth, architect and Jill-of-all-trades, Liane Gautier-MacGregor must find her way back to her homeworld before she's enslaved...or falls in love with a man who is the exact duplicate of her ex-husband. Devyn MacGregor's alter ego as the Reiver Lord is the only way he can fight the Qui'arel and their nefarious Bride Bounty, a tax paid with human females...until he meets the oddly familiar woman who claims he is her husband. And who sets in motion the rebellion that will either free his countrymen or destroy them.

Buy Links:

Great Escapes: Valentine's Day - The heartbroken and lovelorn come to Great Escapes B&B in search of a relaxing getaway, only to embark on a weekend of sexual self-discovery, courtesy of the inn's resident ghosts, who bring to life each guest's deepest desires. In Great Escapes: Valentine's Day, Rose's best friend gives her a weekend stay, where an invisible lover helps her to rediscover her sexuality. But will she open her eyes enough to see who is right next door? (Design your own heat level - Sensual to Erotic)

Buy Link

Barnes & Noble

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Guest - Nancy J. Cohen

Good morning all! I hope you've got great weather where you're at. It's getting a little nippy around here, especially at night and early in the morning, The leaves are bursting with colors, orange, red and yellow. Some of them have started falling to rustle and whisper over the grass and sidewalks. It's a lovely time of the year. And oddly, it's a time of year, we here in the U.S. seem to revel in ancient myths brought here by our earliest colonists. That segues right into our guest's topic this week. 

Nancy J. Cohen is talking about Myth and Magic. She's got a giveaway for you readers so do read on to find out the details. Hope you enjoy her post!


Myth and Magic by Nancy J. Cohen

Inspired by Norse mythology, I wanted to write a series that delved into the legends of the gods, involved an ancient prophecy, and set my characters on a path of danger and revelation. After writing contemporary mysteries for nearly ten years, I yearned to immerse myself in an epic adventure, a sweeping story that would take place in modern times and yet include elements of myth and magic.

Since I’d never combined genres in this manner before, I struggled with how to blend otherworldly experiences into a contemporary setting. I wasn’t any stranger to creating my own worlds, having written five sci fi romances to date. But those stories took place on other planets. This new series would be set on Earth. The magical elements had to be consistent with Norse legends. Thus I couldn’t have vampires or werewolves, but I could deploy trolls, elves, dwarfs, dragons, and shapeshifters.

Probably the most important rule for world building stands true no matter the genre: you must maintain consistency. So if you have vampires who can’t come out in sunlight, you’d better have a good rationale if this changes halfway through your story. If your work is based on Greek mythology, save the leprechauns for another tale. And if none of the people you’ve studied can shoot fireballs from their hands, that won’t work for you.

On the other hand, if you make up your own universe, you can have witches or wizards or whoever you choose like the Harry Potter stories. And yet J.K. Rowling’s work did have a basis: private schooling. Her entire world centered around Hogwarts and our favorite characters who went to class, competed in sports, and grew up there.  

In creating my heroes, I went back to my sci-fi roots. The Drift Lords are warriors who’ve come to Earth from the Star Empire to save the world from alien invaders. These invaders have arrived through a dimensional rift, and they bear an uncanny resemblance to evil trolls. Not only must the Drift Lords battle these enemy troops called Trolleks, but they face a greater challenge. The breach has caused an energy drift that will lead to destruction of the multiverse if left unchecked. Our heroes must send the Trolleks back to their own universe and seal the rift.
But the Drift Lords cannot accomplish their tasks alone. They need the help of a select group of Earth women who possess special powers. Prophecy says the six sons of Thor must unite with the six daughters of Odin to prevent the coming darkness. These chosen men and women are the only hope for humanity.

In Warrior Prince, book one in the Drift Lords series, mythologist Nira Larsen searches for her true origins. Adopted in infancy, she wears a mysterious wristwatch left to her by her birth mother. Engraved on its face is a runic symbol. Seeking her heritage takes her on a journey she couldn’t have imagined, fraught with peril and unexpected consequences.

At her side is Zohar Thorald, leader of the Drift Lords. Zohar helps Nira deal with her newfound power as he struggles with his own problems: political opponents from home, advancing Trollek troops, and his doubts about Nira’s loyalty. Meanwhile, he depends upon Nira to face down the mythological creatures who’ve come to life. Distracting them both is their growing passion for each other. Can they put aside their personal feelings long enough to save mankind?


What’s your favorite mythological era? Do you like this element in the books you read?

All commenters on this blog will be entered into a drawing for a free ebook copy of Circle of Light, my first futuristic romance that won the HOLT Medallion Award. Please leave your email address so you can be notified if you win. Watch for the winner to be announced here by Friday.

Warrior Prince: Book One in the Drift Lords Series

When mythologist and Florida resident Nira Larsen accepts a job as tour guide for a mysterious stranger, she's drawn into a nightmare reality where ancient myths come alive and legendary evils seek to destroy her. To survive, she must awaken her dormant powers, but the only person who can help is the man whose touch inflames her passion.

After a dimensional rift in the Bermuda Triangle cracks open and an ancient enemy invades Earth, Zohar—leader of the galactic warriors known as the Drift Lords—summons his troops. He doesn't count on a redheaded spitfire getting in his way and capturing his heart. Nira has the power to defeat the enemy and to enslave Zohar's soul. Can he trust her enough to accomplish his mission, or will she lure him to his doom?


Follow Nancy on her Social Networks:


All commenters during Nancy’s blog tour will be entered into a drawing for a Warrior Prince T-shirt and magnet and a pdf copy of Warrior Prince! Go to
for a complete schedule of her tour stops.

Book Trailer

Buy Now

Nancy J. Cohen is a multi-published author who writes romance and mysteries. Her popular Bad Hair Day mystery series features hairdresser Marla Shore, who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun. Several of these titles have made the IMBA bestseller list, while Nancy’s imaginative sci-fi/paranormal romances have garnered rave reviews and a HOLT Medallion Award. Active in the writing community and a featured speaker at libraries and conferences, Nancy is listed in Contemporary Authors, Poets & Writers, and Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets.

-- Lynda Again
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Guest - Terry Spear

Good morning all! Today's guest is one of my favorites - Terry Spear! And she's a favorite because she writes some of the very best alpha shifters out there. She's well known for her wolf shifters and now she has a new series of jaguar shifters. You won't want to miss them! And make sure you check out how to enter a drawing for a copy of her new book, SAVAGE HUNGER.


A Visit to the Amazon Can Spell Trouble
By Terry spear

Did you know that the Amazon River has pink dolphins? Sweet! But it also has piranha! And that’s the problem with the Amazon. It has the wonderful—the colorful parrots and toucans and the orchids galore and the not so wonderful—colorful frogs that are totally venomous.

You can swing on liana, massive vine-like structures that Tarzan would have swung from, not true vines, but watch out that you don’t grab a snake instead!

If the sounds of millions of insects or the unfamiliar howl of a monkey or the roaring of a jaguar might keep you awake at night, maybe another trip would be more…restful. Drug dealers and rebels who take tourists hostage can be a very real problem, too.

But Kathleen McKnight has been in the jungle already. First on a drug mission as an Army officer, then later when she tries to locate Connor Anderson, the man who saved her life when the mission went bad—and thank him. And he’s a total hottie!

The problem is just like there are pros and cons with visiting the jungle, there are pros and cons with getting involved with a man like that. Not that she wouldn’t like to get to know him much better—the chemistry between them heats up even more in the jungle—but there’s a growly side of him she’s just not sure of.
That’s the trouble with men with secrets. The kind that they can’t reveal to anyone! He wants her, but he can’t have her. She wants him and she doesn’t know what’s holding him back.

The jaguar side of him is perfectly ready to keep her. The human side is putting on the brakes. Sometimes characters need a little shove in one direction or another.

Connor’s sister, Maya, provides the push. Boy, does that ever create problems! If you have siblings, you know how much trouble they can be!

This is a story of man against man, man against nature, man against himself, and even man against the paranormal aspect. It’s got conflict!

But you wouldn’t expect anything less with a visit to the jungle. Would you?

So what would you do if you came across a man who wasn’t quite normal and you and he both had the hots for each other? Decide that the jungle heat was making you a little crazy? Or give into the Savage Hunger?

Thanks so much to Lynda for having me here today, and one lucky person that answers my question will have a chance to win a copy of SAVAGE HUNGER.US/Canada Addresses Only.

Excerpt from Savage Hunger by Terry Spear
The female captain’s eyes shut and Connor raced across the tent. He grabbed a knife from one of Gonzales’s dead soldiers and cut a much cleaner shirt off a dead American soldier. Then Connor sliced through the rope tied around the captain’s wrists. He quickly worked to bind her wounds to stem the bleeding. Her blue eyes opened briefly, but she was drifting off, her gaze attempting to focus on him, her lips parted as if to speak. He could tell she was having a devil of a time staying conscious.

Despite everything, she smelled like a bit of fairy heaven, a sweet flowery fragrance that forced him to take another deep breath, despite his attempt at staying neutral. Her sensual feminine smell assaulted his senses, irritating him at being cursed with his jaguar senses at this particular moment. His pheromones kicked up a notch, triggered by the firestorm of sensations he was experiencing.

“Stay awake,” he ordered, trying to concentrate on keeping her alive until help could come for her, and struggling to get his focus back on what was important and off his own primitive jaguar need to find a mate and procreate.

“American,” she whispered, her eyes heavily lidded. She closed them.

He snapped, “Captain, stay… awake!”

“Easy for you to say,” she said, sounding waspish, but as weak as she was, she didn’t have the bite to her words.

He smiled darkly and continued to bind her wounds.

“Who are you? What… ah,” she grimaced, reaching out to touch him, “are you doing here?”

“Connor Anderson’s the name, and I’m vacationing in the area. Save your strength.” As soon as he said his last name, he wondered why he had given her that much information.

“I’m… trying… to… stay… awake,” she growled, but again the softly irritated tone didn’t have the effect he imagined she was going for.

“Where is your rendezvous point?”

If he could take her to where her men would pick up the Army team, she might have a chance. The sound of men crashing through the trees made Connor rise quickly, grab a rifle, and slip out the back of the tent, intending to ambush Gonzales’s men before they knew what had hit them.

“Connor,” the captain whispered, and it killed him to have to leave her behind, even for just the moment.

But he couldn’t protect her if armed men greatly outnumbered him. Hidden in the thick vegetation, Connor saw U.S. Army men scouring the campsite, and he assumed they were coming to rescue the captain. He tossed the rifle and borrowed camouflaged pants and shifted, then waited in the mesh of trees until he heard one of the men speaking: “Hell, Kathleen.”


The woman’s rescue was now out of Connor’s hands. So why the hell wasn’t he relieved?

About the Author
USA Today bestselling and an award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval romantic suspense, Terry Spear also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She’s a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, that are personalized that have found homes all over the world. When she’s not writing or making bears, she’s teaching online writing courses or gardening. Her family has roots in the Highlands of Scotland where her love of all things Scottish came into being. Originally from California, she’s lived in eight states and now resides in the heart of Texas. She is the author of the Heart of the Wolf series and the Heart of the Jaguar series, plus numerous other paranormal romance and historical romance novels. For more information, please visit, or follow her on Twitter, @TerrySpear. She is also on Facebook at .

-- Lynda Again,
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Review - Savage Hunger

Savage Hunger
Terry Spear
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
October 2012

Ex-soldier Kat McKnight owes a debt of gratitude to the mysterious man who saved her life in the Amazon jungle. She wants to say 'thank you' for his timely intervention. But when she gets lost in the Amazon jungle while looking for him, her rescuer this time is a huge jaguar.

Connor Anderson can never forget the woman soldier who was on a mission to take down a group of Amazonian drug dealers and who almost lost her life when her mission went bottom up. But here she is wondering around the jungle all by herself and he's in his jaguar form. There are a thousand ways to get killed in the Amazon and he wants to make sure Kat doesn't find one of them. He doesn't count on his sister, Maya, scratching Kat to turn her into a jaguar shifter herself.

Kat has a lot of baggage from her time in foster homes and her Army service. She's always wanted a family and now she has one. She has night terrors and she sleepwalks. But Connor is the kind of man who will step up, not run away. And as far as he's concerned, Kat is his.

But Kat has enemies. Those drug dealers haven't forgotten her. They want her and they mean to have her.

The question is…who will win? Connor and Kat? Or the bad guys?

The characters just leap off the page in this book. Connor is adorable (if you can call an alpha male/jaguar shifter adorable) and Kat is no push over even if she does fall for Connor pretty quick (but then, who wouldn't?). Even Maya, Connor's sister is memorable. She's feisty, determined and kind. The bad guys are guaranteed to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

The plot will keep you on the edge of your seat, making you want to read it till the wee hours of the morning. So if you have to go to work the next day, start reading early.

All in all, this is a wonderfully crafted, action packed, love story with sizzling love scenes. I definitely recommend it.