Monday, November 12, 2012

Review - Enslaved

by Elisabeth Naughton
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
November 2012

With a voice only he can hear incessantly calling to him, drawing him back to the evil goddess Atalanta, Gryphon is losing his mind. He hasn't recovered from his torture in the Underworld, doesn't trust women and doesn't trust himself. One thing he knows, when Malea is near, the voice weakens. He's able to think, to plan. To fight for him mind and freedom. He won't harm her or do anything she doesn't want but he won't let her go. Not until he kills Atalanta.

Malea has seen Gryphon and heard the talk. She knows he's insane. When he kidnaps her just as she's about to escape from the half-breed colony, she's terrified. Gryphon assures he will let her go just as soon as they get free but, once they're outside, she's infuriated when he doesn't let her go. But as she begins to realize that he's very similar to her, an outcast with no place to go. That is, until she finally came up with a way to get into Olympus. Once there, she knows she'll be safe.

Unfortunately, Hades wants her dead and now that she's left the concealment of the colony, his minions can find her. Gryphon knows she's the only way he'll stay sane long enough to confront Atalanta and he welcomes the chance to fight the demons pursuing them. At least until he realizes that he's beginning to feel something for Malea. Something that he had never expected to feel for any woman - love.

Malea realizes they have something in common - they're both outcasts. Both alone. Both avoided; him for his madness, her for the darkness inside her. As they travel, she begins to understand him and to see that he's not as mad as everyone thought, that he's a good man and is haunted by his past as much as she is. Without any warning, she realizes she's falling in love with the man who kidnapped her.

Gryphon is a wonderful wounded hero. He's been tortured, enslaved, and dehumanized. But he never gives up. He fights to regain his sanity and his freedom from his tormentor, Atalanta. But even with that urgent goal, he's still a good man at heart. Even though he's kidnapped her, he doesn't hesitate to protect her and stands between her and every danger that threatens.  As for Malea, she's fallen in love a few times during her long, long life but she's never felt the way for another as she does for Gryphon.

Theirs is a true love story crafted by the master touch of Elisabeth Naughton. In fact, all the Guardians that she's created have been men who, in their core, are the kinds of men who all women want - protective, loyal, passionate in their love and their duty. Gryphon is no exception. In fact, when we understand his story we admire him even more. That's the kind of hero we all need. That's the kind of hero we all want to read about.

Enslaved is one story you do not want to miss. 


Wolfswan1 said...

Oh yes, this really sounds like the one book in the series so far one cannot afford to miss! I love my wounded heroes!

Cheryl said...

I agree. Naughton writes guys really well; they may not be perfect, but the bottom line is they're loyal and good.

Now she's getting into storylines of guardians that we haven't seen as much in previous books, so it'll be interesting to see where their storylines go. Looking forward to reading about Gryphon and how/if he breaks free from Atalanta.