Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest - Kate Hill

Good morning! Let's all have a seat. We've plenty of cozy couches and comfy chairs  here. There's Sweet As Sin Roobios Tea and mouth-watering raspberry cookies on the tables so be sure to help yourself. And help me welcome our guest today, author Kate Hill. Kate will be discussing shapeshifters and Vikings - two of my favorites! Plus she has a contest so make sure you check it out!


Northmen, Shape Shifters and Romance

The Vikings are among the most fascinating warriors in history. Their legends and lore are filled with action, adventure and the supernatural.

In my book Northman’s Pleasure, the hero Grim Hammerhand is rumored to be a shape shifter with the ability to change into a wolf during battle. Wolves and shape shifters have appeared in several Viking legends.

In Norse mythology, two wolves chased the sun and moon across the sky, eventually devouring them. The god Loki was said to be a shape shifter. He also fathered the giant wolf Fenrir. Some warriors, called berserkers, went into a battle frenzy during which they fought in a blind rage. They were said to wear the skins of animals, such as wolves. It was thought that some changed into actual beasts during battle.

Although these particular shape shifters had frightening reputations, they’re still intriguing. As a romance writer I couldn’t help thinking that such a character would make a great villain, but an even better hero. A man believed to have the power to change into a wolf would no doubt command fear and respect, but also arouse the curiosity of those willing to look deeper into his heart.

Of course according to the legends compassion for a shifter or beast would only end in disaster. In a world where winters were hard and food often scarce, wolves and man were no doubt natural enemies. Or were they? The god Odin kept wolves. To Vikings, wolves seemed to be a symbol of prowess and ferocity, creatures both feared and admired.  

Is it possible that like people, wolves and shifters are capable of both good and evil? If so, a man who is said to have the power to shift, who is rumored to be part human and part animal, offers endless possibilities as a hero--or antihero--of a romance.

About Kate

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

Kate also writes under the pen name Saloni Quinby. She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at Visit Kate online at

Northman’s Pleasure

Legend is Grim Hammerhand is half wolf. Vowing never to marry, the muscular, red-haired warrior saves his passion for the battlefield and the forge. That is, until the woman he secretly lusts after is abducted.

Asgerd has loved Grim for years, only to be ignored by the object of her desire. She has eluded the bonds of marriage, hoping that someday Grim will notice her, but her dreams are shattered when she is captured and defiled by the brutal warrior Stein.

After the king sends Grim to rescue his daughter and claim Stein's land, the passion between the couple finally ignites. In the end, Grim's mistrust of all women could destroy their one true chance for happiness.

Northman’s Pleasure is available from Ellora’s Cave on July 17, 2013.

Northman’s Pleasure is the sequel to Northman’s Passion.

Erik Ice Tooth is used to getting what he wants. Undefeated in battle, no man is his match and no woman resists him, until he meets Bera, daughter of his King.

Disgusted by the hulking brute who asks for her hand in marriage, Bera adamantly refuses him, but Erik is determined to have his way. He abducts Bera, vowing to prove to her that theirs is a match made by the gods. He has many lusty tricks in store for the unsuspecting Bera. Will she be able to resist this sexy warrior?

To enter this contest you must be 18 or over.

To enter for the chance to win a download of Northman’s Passion, please comment and also send an email to letting me know you would like to be entered in the contest. The contest will run for three days from the day of this post. At the end of that time, a winner will be selected at random from the comments. Thank you!


-- Lynda Again,
    I've always loved Viking tales and shapeshifters so when you put them together, you have an irresistible combination. Kate's book sounds fascinating. Make sure you enter her contest for a chance to win!

   Have a Blessed Day!


Lynda K. Scott said...

Hi Kate, just wanted to say thanks for being with us today! Great post on Vikings and shapeshifters!

Kelly said...

Hi Kate! Viking legends and lore definitely offer up a wealth of potential stories. They have all the elements needed for a good tale as well. :)

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Hi, Kelly,

A creative merging of Nordic mythology and the paranormal--and may I say a very hot cover!

Kate Hill said...

Hi Lynda! Thank you so much for having me here!

Hello Kelly! Vikings have a fascinating history and are so much fun to write about!

Hi Jacqueline! Thank you very much!