Monday, September 23, 2013

Review - How To Date A Dragon by Ashlyn Chase

How To Date A Dragon
Ashlyn Chase
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
September 2012

How To Date A Dragon is the 2nd book in the `Flirting With Fangs' series. How To Date A Dragon stands alone quite nicely but I'd recommend reading the first book in the series just because that's the kind of OC person I am. Flirting Under A Full Moon, the first book, is being offered as a giveaway this week on Star-Crossed Romance.

Bliss Russo has just returned from a destination wedding and falls asleep fully dressed as soon as she reaches the comfort of her apartment. She's determined to catch up on her rest so she can continue working on her greeting card competition entries. But when her apartment catches fire and the next thing she knows she's stumbling down the hallway and headbutts fireman, Drake Cameron. He gets her safely outside before she remembers her laptop and the competition and her designs and implores him to rescue the laptop too.

Drake, the last dragon shifter in Boston, maybe the entire eastern part of the US, knows he shouldn't try to save a laptop. But the look in the lovely girl's face has him going back inside the inferno. When he comes back out, the kiss she gives him is boggling. Right up until his boss reams him out for risking his life, again, by going back inside a burning building.

It takes a while for Drake to reconnect with Bliss. He hadn't caught her name or a way to contact her. But that kiss underscored the state of his love life...empty. He tries a dating service with rather horrendous results. 

I have to admit I loved Drake. He's a dragon. He's hot. And he's got some vulnerability that keeps him from being a total alpha jerk. But Bliss...not so much. She just didn't make a lot of sense to me regarding her computer back ups or her attitude toward her mother. That's probably just me (having worked on computers FOREVER, lol). Still, the story was lively, the passion hot and the read entertaining. What more can you ask for? Definitely a great read for a cool, Fall day.

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It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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