Friday, May 02, 2014

Guest - Susan Mac Nicol

Good morning! We have a terrific guest today, author Susan Mac Nicol. Susan will be discussing her foray into writing paranormal romance. We have a fantastic selection of teas and coffees PLUS, in honor of my recent birthday, a gorgeous calorie free chocolate layer cake! Enjoy!


The one thing I really enjoy about writing paranormal Romance is the world building. I think the real one is harsh enough sometimes to live in, so being able to create your very own world where you control how and when things happen is somewhat of a release.

Double Alchemy isn’t the first paranormal book I’ve actually written. It’s my first male/male romance but by no means my first foray into creating hidden worlds and strange characters. When I was about fifteen, I started writing this story called Soul Quest. It was the story of twenty one year old Colyan Fairchild, an orphan bought up by a great wizard called Baraktar, who finds out his destiny is to one day rule the Kingdom as its rightful king. For this story, I created two worlds, one dark, one light - Gehen and Salvinia - and a host of characters and animals and magickal beings that added to the tale. It’s turned into an adult fantasy with romance and one day I really hope to finish it.

Here are a few of them -
Ronari - Circle of Elders that run a village and consult on village issues.
Timori - The villagers commissioned by the Ronari to perform the task of hunting for the village. Creph - long handled spear used by the Timori for hunting.
Terrari - cat like little furry animal, like a mink.
Rubicoose - racoon like animal, lilac and grey, with certain supernatural abilities.
Thaobar - Healer , natural medicine man.
Zarga - mystical beast like a huge horse, very hairy

For Double Alchemy, the world building wasn’t all that fantastical as it takes place today in contemporary London but the duality of the nature of this world is what makes it so special. Ordinary folk see only the one side but those fortunate enough to be Fey have a glimpse of a whole new world where strange creatures abound and life is not as simple as it seems. As a Warlock, Quinn can conjure up magical domes, fight other Fey beings, and see things other people don’t. He can time travel using his Withinner, Taliesin, a sixth century sorcerer, who is as much a part of Quinn as Quinn himself. Cade begins to see this world, slowly, but with a sense of awe and sometimes fear. Especially when Quinn keeps almost dying on him.

I think one gets great pleasure in building a world that exists only in your mind. It’s escapism of the purest form. These sorts of worlds are limited only by the writer’s imagination. The paranormal world is such a joy to create and live in, and I’m sure that sometimes, we all wish we could really be there and escape the real word, even if it’s just for a moment.

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-- Lynda Again,
    What a striking cover for Double Alchemy! Thanks for visiting today, Susan!

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bn100 said...

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Susan Mac Nicol said...

Thanks so much for hosting me and Double Alchemy here today. It was an absolute pleasure being here :) I had a great cup of coffee and a slice of cake...

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