Playing With Dolls

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Playing With Dolls

I had a weird dream the other night. I was sitting in a park with a case of Barbies and playing with them like I did as a girl- though as a girl, I mostly played with my Jamie Sommers/Bionic Woman doll. She was the only doll in the toybox that could kick GI Joe's butt. Then, suddenly a thought struck me...What are you doing playing with're forty years old? Well, that woke me up. And as I lay there in bed, staring at the ceiling, it dawned on me—writing is my adult manifestion of playing with dolls.

The situations and storylines may be a bit more sophisticated than they were back then, but the imagination used to fuel those playtime antics is the same.

To me, someone without imagination is not a fully realized person. It's what has made the human race strive to create art, cuisine, technology (no matter the time period), clothing. It's made them explore the farthest oceans, and fly to the stars.

Friends and family members often ask me where I come up with some of the farout ideas that show up in my plots, and I just smile. I was lucky enough to grow up in a time without video games or the internet and had to rely on my own ideas to pass the long summer days. Books would pass the endless Michigan winters, and take me to places I would have otherwise not known about -(Barbara Cartland romances are pretty darn hot when you're ten!) . Both of these activities gave me an early appreciation of creativity and using the mind to create entire worlds.

I still let my imagination run wild, though I can't say I use dolls as a catalyst for my ideas, but I will always be grateful to them for giving me that first push into exploring storylines and plots.

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2 Responses to "Playing With Dolls"

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I often worry that the constant stream of video and interactive games will stunt the imagination of the next generation. I started writing as a chid to amuse myself since there weren't many other children in my neighborhood back then. I turned my back yard into an alien landscape and populated it with imaginary characters. Nowadays children don't have time to use their imaginations, they're too busy having everything spoon fed to them. I hope we don't see a lack of SF and fantasy writers in the futures because of it.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Kat, I never thought of writing as equivalent to playing with dolls but I think you may have hit on something here. I used to daydream as a kid, making up stories, inventing worlds and new life forms. Now I do the same only I call it writing *g*.

Jennifer, I'm with you on worrying about today's children. I suppose it's up to each parent to help their child develope their imagination and I know parents have a lot on their plate with work and family obligations but they really do need to take time to sit down and 'play' with their kids using that imagination. It's important to the child to have parental companionship and, equally important, it gives the adult a restorative for their own work laden psyche.