Do You Think It's Spooky When...

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Do You Think It's Spooky When...

...things happen unexpectedly? Have you ever been thinking of someone you haven’t heard from in a while and then the phone rings and it’s them?

Have you ever misplaced something and later on [sometimes weeks or even years] found it in a place you KNOW you’ve looked before?

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, today’s post is about strange happenings, those unexplained things that can make your spine tingle or just make you go...hmmm.

I had a small spine tingler just the other day. It might not seem too out there, but it gave me pause. I had a song running through my head all day. Don’t you hate that when you just can’t stop singing something? This time it was “Make it Like a Memory” by Barbra Streisand from her ‘Guilty’ album. [Yes, I have eclectic tastes in music.] The song was driving me nuts [though it was a vast improvement over last week when I couldn’t get the theme to The Odd Couple out of my head. Now that’s spooky.] Anyway, I decided the best way to purge my demon was to grab my iPod and play the song. Of course my iPod battery was dead so I popped it into the charger and went about my business, the song still playing in my head.

A few hours later I sat down at my desk where my charger is, and found that my iPod had turned itself on...and it was playing Barbra Streisand’s Guilty album. [Fortunately it was NOT playing “Make it Like a Memory” because that would have freaked me out way too much.
Stuff like this makes me wonder. Was the universe trying to tell me something other than it might be nice to charge up my iPod battery? I don’t know.

Here’s a spookier one.

The house I live in used to belong to my aunt and uncle. They lived in this house for more than forty years and my aunt sold it to us about two years after my uncle passed away. It was February 14th, and he suffered a heart attack while shoveling snow in the driveway.

When my son was a baby, we were fortunate that he didn’t have much interest in sleeping with us. Unlike my daughter, my son preferred his own bed, so he hardly ever crawled into our bed or needed to sleep with us, even when he was especially cranky. One morning, when he was about 18-months old, though, he did crawl into our bed. He wasn’t much of a talker then, but he knew a few words and one of them was ‘ghost.’

After snuggling up in our bed, he looked up into the corner of the bedroom and pointed and said, “Ghost.” My husband and I didn’t see anything unusual but it gave us the chills anyway. The date was February 14th.

I can’t help thinking that maybe my uncle dropped by for a visit on that day.

Do you have any weird happenings to share?

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3 Responses to "Do You Think It's Spooky When..."

Kathleen Scott/MK Mancos said...

I could give you chills for hours over things that have happened to me. I won't take time to explain them here, but I've lived in haunted houses since I was 3 years old. They seem to follow me. The house I live in now has what I call a benign spirit. It can be a triskter at times, but is mostly quiet. And the thing about the radio...happens to me all the time. I think maybe that is a bit of psychic energy picking up on the invisible radio waves in the air. Like your brain at times becomes a reciever tuned to that particular channel.


Angela's Photos and Designs said...

Strange things can happen to electric gadgets. I went to sleep one evening after work on the couch listening to the stero very soft and low in the background. I woke up a little later when the stereo volume started increasing alone! All the way. It was spooky.

Lynda K. Scott said...

I'm constantly losing something and finding it, much later, exactly where I'd thought I left it and had looked there for it 100 times. It's likely a poltergeist...or I'm half blind :D