Wednesday Whining

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Wednesday Whining

I’ve been trying to lose weight...well, all my life pretty much. But in the past two or three years I’ve tried really, really hard. I eat far less than what I used to and yet I lose like a quarter pound of fat every three months. Sigh.

My doctor says I need to exercise more. He’s probably right. But my job requires me to sit in front of my PC eight hours a day, then if I write at home I’m sitting in front of my home PC another two to three hours a day. The remaining time I’m doing the Suzy Homemaker routine of cleaning house or cooking.

Apparently I need to get an exercise bike and bolt my laptop onto the handle bars.

The problem is...when I exercise I get hungry. Not for salad (which I had for dinner) or veggies (which I have for lunch). No, I want some sugary, fat or salt laden snack. Something that has Taste, real honest to goodness taste!

Even worse, when I stumble across a road block in my writing, I want to EAT. Mostly, I curb this impulse by doing some short housecleaning task for a few minutes (and won’t that inspire you to get back to work on the mss?) but the hunger is always there.

It makes me envy the heroine in my current wip. She has the perfect metabolism, can eat a whole cake, a box of bon bons, a half gallon of ice cream and wash it all down with a quart of chocolate milk and still lose weight the minute she crosses the room.

I can gain weight apparently by admiring the recipes I receive in my email box from Kraft Kitchens. A brisk mile long walk only stalls the inevitable gain.

But I just discovered that I have an underactive thyroid so maybe there’s an explanation for this lack of weight loss. Maybe there’s hope that I will drop the same ten pounds I’ve already lost (and found again) four times in the past year. Maybe I’ll be able to eat something with TASTE once in awhile.

And, yes, I will continue to try to fit in some exercise (grumble, grumble, grumble). It’s good for the heart and other parts of the body. Besides, walking is a good way to get to the local Dairy didn’t just hear me say that, did you? LOL

Maybe I really ought to attach my laptop to the handlebars on my bike? Or do any of you have any suggestions that don't involve exercise or lettuce?

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3 Responses to "Wednesday Whining"

Brockeim said...

It is interesting to read the struggles and process of losing weight. I'm trying to lose a few pounds myself. Since early May, I have lost six lbs, with ten more on the way. Keep up the good work.

Brockeimia: The Absurd World of Brockeim: humor | romance | Slim-Fast

Lynda K. Scott said...

Brockeim, congrats! And good luck in your weight loss!

Skylar Masey said...

I swear by Weight Watchers! I didn't even join, I just got a copy of some of points listings and learned to count on my own. Believe me, it's not as hard as it seems once you get the hang of it. And you don't have to exercise lots, just a little will do better than none. Some tips I've heard are park your car at the end of a parking lot so that you have to walk to it, exercise during commercials, and when you get the urge to emotional eat do something productive (not necessarily housework).

Stephanie Bond came to speak in Raleigh and actually said she'd rigged her laptop to rest on her treadmill. I know others swear by the AlphaSmart, which supposedly fits perfectly in between handle bars, etc. I found that I often take my hardcopy edits to work on while I'm pedaling on the exercise bike/climber or walking on the treadmill. Walks are also great ways to get inspired if you're a little stuck (dare I mention that saggy middle--and I'm not talking about my belly).

You can still have something sweet, you just have to cut back on how large the portion is or find something that's a similar substitute! Weight Watchers ice cream and Slim-A-Bear lite bars are fantastic. I also find that I love marshmallows as a little snack at night! If you're a chip person try to do baked over fried, as well as for crackers. There are healthier substitutes that are so close to the real thing, as in 100 Calorie packs. :0)

You can get off those 10 pounds, just don't expect it to go away over night. If they put you on meds for your thyroid, you weight could fluctuate for a while.