Friday the 13th: A Week in the Making

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Friday the 13th: A Week in the Making

I usually don’t give much credence to the superstitious, spooky occurrences of Friday the 13th. Though I have on occasion had small bouts of bad luck or unfortunate incidents I wrote off to the day. This week took the cake as far as calamity goes, even before the dreaded black day arrived.

Monday I found out my mom was sick and had to give her a pep talk about why she should endure the agony (ie. side effects of going without her meds for three days) so that the Sinus/Allergy Specialist could see what her symptoms really look like. (Think a Weasley hi-jinx or newbie spell gone wrong.) Next I got a rejection from FLUX for my YA, Decoder, right before lunch. Eventhough I was bummed, I had to admit Mr. Karre’s letter was nice. Then right before bed, I found out Triskelion had finally filed Chapter 7 (but thankfully I was on the list of creditors).

Tuesday my bf told me that he might have to come back home a day early from the only vacation we’ve planned this year because “Black Out” period starts on Tax Free Weekend. Let’s say I had choice words to utter about that. (Oh…if only I really did know some black magic like Snape.)

Wednesday was a triple hit hump day starting with an announcement that one of the key figures in my department at my full time job was leaving, which means more work for the rest of us to divvy up. My sister called asking for a favor that made me grit my teeth…you know how you can never say no to family. (Atleast her pups aren’t the size of Sirius Black’s wolfhound.) Then I rounded up the end of my writing time, in the middle of a scene I could get back into (AKA a hot scene), and my computer made a strange little noise. Now “The Rebellion Begins” is also the tagline for my fan who’s decided not to work anymore long hours.

Thursday I found out I have no money. Okay, so all is not lost because I do have a few coins to chink together in my pocket. But really, don’t you hate it when all those pesky bills descend upon you in one week (like mail dumped off by a swarm of owls from Hogwarts, though this variety doesn’t talk). Especially when you’re trying to buy tickets for your one-and-only vacation after promising your family you’d take care of it.

Today (Friday) is the day HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX was supposed to unveil to billions nationwide, but the Powers That Be decided to move it up two days. (I think because the book comes out on the 21st, so it’s easier for the kids to remember.) I went to see the latest installment the day it opened (partially due to scheduling conflicts similar to Tuesday’s news). I say the Powers That Be should’ve kept the original date. Why? Because in the movie Harry’s days seem to be filled with unlucky happenings. What kid (no matter the age) wouldn’t love viewing a magic movie with the best villains to date doing all manner of vile things on a dreaded, superstitious day? It’s ripe for added entertainment value.

I hope my HCRW chaptermates who’ve been doing Nationals (as in Hogwarts sans uniforms) had a better time this week (and that no mishaps struck them a blow today). In the end, I think snagging three Golden Hearts and two RITAs at the awards ceremony tomorrow would top my week off on a good note. Here’s wishing Debra Bess, Elizabeth Langston, Anahita Sugden and Emilie Rose shine like the bright stars they are.

Cherrio! (`Cause you’ve always got to look for the silver lining, even if you’re just talking about your invisible cloak.)
Friday the 13th might actually be my one good day this week! At 12:04 this morning I learned my friend Colby Hodge (aka Cindy Holby) won the PRISM award in the Futuristic category! Woohoo!

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