Watch what you drink

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Watch what you drink

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day, ate lots of corned beef and cabbage and enjoyed some green beer yesterday. I know I did…well, except for the green beer. I’m not much of a drinker though I enjoy the occasional glass of wine or fancy mixed drink. Mostly I drink coffee (generally a flavored coffee), tea or water. Once in a while, I’ll have a pop and because I’m diabetic, it’s usually a diet soda.

After seeing the url my darling daughter sent me, I’ve decided that diet soda is too dangerous. Too downright scary.

With all the pollutants in our air, the chemical additives to prolong the shelf life in our food, or pesticides on our produce, you have to wonder why any of us are still alive. Then you hear of reports that products imported from China are poisoning our pets, our children (lead based paint on toys) or have unknown substances (a recent case of heparin imported from China)…and your anxiety factor raises up another notch.

I’m not an alarmist by nature but the results of an unofficial test on aspartame (a popular artificial sweetener is enough to strike fear into the most stalwart heart. I remember when this product first appeared on the market, we were warned not to let our children use it because it could cause brain damage. The reports were largely ignored. I mean, heck, aspartame is supposed to be a ‘natural’ artificial sweetener. How could something like that be bad for you?

Then I was sent to this url. I urge everyone to read it, to look at the photos. Go all the way to the end. Then make up your own mind.

As for me, water will remain my beverage of choice (I drink filtered water) With all the other factors I have so little control over, this is one where I can at least say – No more.

-- Lynda

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3 Responses to "Watch what you drink"

Skylar Masey said...

Great post Lynda!

I have long been against aspartame, since I heard the rumor of it's link with cancer. And unfortunately the same is being spread about the new stand in Splenda.

I know women who dump tons of this in their unsweetened tea daily, not to mention sprinkle it over their cereal in the morning.

As for Diet sodas my mom and grandma drink them like water, and I've warned them against it. But I guess now it's too ingrained for them to stop.

Savanna Kougar said...

From the moment the whole diet soda thing entered the market my intution kicked in big time. Have rarely touched the stuff. Then, when I worked in Health Food store during the nineties, and read all the's beyond horrible! Yet, I have my beloved friends who drink Diet, and what can you do? Except love them.
Splenda is just as anti-health in its own way. Heck, white sugar is better for you, unless you're severely allergic.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Ladies, I couldn't agree more. As I said, I'm diabetic so I tend to avoid sugar (and carbs in general) but small amounts -- in my case -- seems to me to be better than taking a chance on the aspartame or Splenda products.

One of the reasons I wrote this blog is that one of my co-workers, a diet cola drinker for the last 30 years, has just been diagnosed with cancer in the kidney, the stomach and the lungs (he's a non-smoker).

Seeing the test website and knowing how much diet cola he drank on a daily basis just seemed to click.