A Rare Gem

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A Rare Gem

So I almost never go shopping without a goal. A) because I’d spend every last cent I had and B) because I’d waste a lot of time. I most often find myself caught up in a hunt for someone else’s needs like a friend’s big occasion, my sister’s must have trip to Wally World or my mom’s hunt for another fabulous pair of shoes.

Of course on rare adventures, you just need to cut loose and browse the aisles for inspiration. Even if that inspiration isn’t for yourself. That can definitely be said for my jaunt to the manicured shopping mall that bridged my area’s reintroduction to the new “mall” experience. I say this because of the new idea of having stores bunched in outcropped configurations instead of together under the same roof. (In my hometown, we’ve had this set up for as long as I can remember as BMOC, the place to hit for outlet shopping.) However the Streets at Southpointe also boast restaurants, its own gas station and a posh housing complex.

I myself was on the hunt for some real NY pizza at Tomato Jake’s which we stumbled across due to a Mazda meeting. Let just say there wasn’t a speck left of that pie when my bf and I got done. So refueled, we went of in search of goods…at Super Target.

While there I went on the search for a super heroine made of plastic that wasn’t necessarily keen on sugar, spice and everything nice as a writing prop. Alas, all I could find was a new Colossus doll to drool over. Unfortunately my snipped bank account didn’t allow for the purchase since I’d already snapped a new copy of THE PRINCESS BRIDE. (If you haven’t seen it, do!)

Next we ventured to the mall itself to make a new life affectionately dubbed Vernice Hamricks. (My sister and I settled on that name while I waited for my pepperoni slices.) Inside Build-A-Bear we got sucked into a humongous line that ran right through the center of a birthday party. Note: Do not attempt to build a bear or any other creature when there are 20 kids under the age of 10 running ramshackle inside a small shop.

Eventually, my bf and I came through the ruckus with a Reading Teddy (a portion of the price goes to a reading charity) clad in a striped shirt, khaki skirt, silver hand bag with matching sandals, and some kicking white shades. And let’s not forget the piece de resistance…the blonde wig. So what prompted this birth? My sister came for a visit and asked if I had the new BAB mailer. I handed it over and couldn’t help but giggle when she flipped open to this pic:

It’s my mom to a T.

So with Vernice in tow, safely ensconced in her white cardboard box, we ventured on to HOT TOPIC. Let me tell you I *heart* this store. It’s not everyday you can walk inside a shop and pick up such kick butt tee’s as these:

(Resident Evil...enough said. I love a butt-kicking heroine and Mila (Eve) does an excellent job. This installment might not have been the best of the trilogy, but it still had it's great moments.)

(I've loved Gargoyles (especially Mr. Grouchy Goliath) since I was a teen. This is one of those cartoons I wish they'd bring back atleast to DVD. And yes, I do have Vickie Taylor's Les Gargoulliens novels!)

And no, I really didn’t need 2, but when you’ve snagged a good thing that you likely won’t find elsewhere, you’ve got to swipe the card!

Then in FYE I happened across another to make my grand total 3…
(The shirt's design matches this game graphic. Picture the logo across my chest and the assassin spanning from neck to hip.)

And a woman who I found out is Wonder Woman’s cousin. Loved the star-studded black pantsuit and arm bands! Alas, I couldn’t get passed her identical features. As I was putting her back on the shelf I noticed a dab of gold and blue spandex. Which led me to uncover something I never thought I’d find in this day and time! Booster Gold in all his visored glory!

I have long admitted that I’m a comic nut, though I’m not sure anyone besides my sister and I would relish this find so much. And of course I splurged for her! When she ripped open the bag, she ew-ed and ah-ed quadruple the amount I did in the store! But she didn’t have kids staring at her like she’d grown a second head.

I also couldn’t resist a bit of flair that reads "I have a heart on." Yes, it's definitely a play on words! I’m sure it would’ve made a hit at RT if I’d gotten to go. I’m still bummed about that! Maybe more shopping therapy is in order. Lol!

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The bear does a heart good.