Book Review - In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell

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Book Review - In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell

Judi Fennell
Sourcebooks Casablanca
June 2009

Erica Peck is no little mermaid. Even though her family has owned a seaside marina, she’s been terrified of the ocean since she was a little kid. Then, in an attempt to conquer her fear, she tosses her father’s ashes into his beloved sea without knowing that her skanky ex-fiancĂ© had hidden some very valuable diamonds in the urn. Before she knows what’s happening, her ex forces her to dive into the ocean on a futile search for those diamonds. When she surfaces without the gems, he shoots her and speeds away. Just as she loses consciousness, she feels an exploratory ‘bump’ by a shark. Luckily, the shark isn’t the only creature in the water.

Reel has had a fascination with Erica since he first saw her when both he and she were little kids. When he sees Vincent, the shark, preparing to make a meal out of her, he intercedes. But the woman is out of oxygen and she’s too far below the surface for a rapid ascent or she’ll die of the bends. It doesn’t take much effort for Chum, his remora companion, to convince him to commit the ultimate crime of changing her so she can breathe underwater.

Reel knows this will make him responsible for her because she doesn’t know how to survive under the sea and he knows his father, the king, will be just as angry as any member of the council who all think of him as a wastrel. He doesn’t care because for once he has a purpose beyond being the spare son who won’t inherit the kingdom or immortality and whose lack of a proper tail sets him apart from all his kin and companions. He doesn’t count on the council sending Erica and him to find those diamonds and, in doing so, facing the monster who has them.

IN OVER HER HEAD is a delightful, quirky blend of humor, adventure and passion. Erica, once terrified of the ocean and everything in it, slowly overcomes her fear and becomes the heroine she’s always wanted to be. And Reel demonstrates some wonderful heroic qualities even while he retains his boyish playfulness. All in all, this is a fast, fun read and a great way to spend a snowy afternoon or a sunny day at the beach.

-- Lynda
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2 Responses to "Book Review - In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell"

Judi Fennell said...

So glad you liked it! I had a blast writing it!

Stephanie said...

what a neat twist to a new tale of the sea! Thanks for sharing with us ladies!