Wakin' Up in Vegas

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Wakin' Up in Vegas

You know that new song by Katie Perry? While I was stuck on the interstate, I seriously stopped and thought about hopping a plane to Vegas like Drew Barrmore in WEDDING SINGER. No matter how much we've paid in deposits for the wedding vendors, by this past Friday I'd had enough. Nothing had gone right and everything (big and little) was a struggle! I'm like why can't one thing work out without a hassle? I guess because any time I make a plan, something gets in the way to mess it up.

So this was my line-up. Monday we went to meet with the wedding photographer. Great guy who loves his wife and kids, has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and promised that he'd take care of everything. He's a pro and his work is top notch. After this one-on-one I hired him in less than half an hour. It helps that he said those magic words! But I wasn't alone, my fiance was impressed. He hasn't been wowed by anything wedding related, and seeing the photographers shots made him say, "He's good." Yay!

Tuesday was a writing group board meeting that started late and meant I had to rearrange standing plans. But I got to half watch WHOSE WEDDING IS IT ANYWAY? and the meeting was over in an hour and a half....a record for us. Though some of the bigger items had to be tabled for later discussion. And since we need fodder for the newsletter, I now get the job of calculating hits on member articles and awarding a prize. All in all, it shouldn't be too bad. And of course with the new month, that also meant fighting my spotty computer connection to send out the latest issue. Finally the planets aligned and the members got their Final Draft.

Wednesday was supposed to be a day off wedding wise, but wouldn't you know it! The preacher asked if we'd decided on scripture. I had looked over some passages we found together online, but hadn't decided on anything. My fiance hadn't even really read those printouts, and sure hadn't been snuggled up with his Bible. So I promised her I'd get something together that evening. I worked for hours trying to find a way around using 1 Corinthians (since my twin used it), and put some pieces together. I came back from my grandmother's elated that I'd made something work only to hear my fiance said it was okay, that he wanted to pick scripture and that he wanted to use 1 Corinthians. So the next day, I gave the info to the preacher and cc-ed my back-up with the express warning to take this under advisement but not to set this in stone.

That brings us to Thursday. With the rain pouring down and sky overcast most of the week, the blahs had hit. I called my engagement pics photographer back (my mom's bfs granddaughter) to see what she needed. It seems she'd finally figured out why I'd picked the spot I had and finally set a time to go with the day (which happened to be the following one) and then she dropped the bomb. She'd stopped by the library's front desk to talk to the head librarian, the only person who is allowed to touch the courtyard keys. Guess what? She was leaving early on Friday, and wouldn't give anyone else the job of opening the space for us for an hour. Are you sensing how I felt? After going back and forth with the photographer for almost a month and a half, everything I thought was nailed down fell apart in seconds. When I told my co-worker/bridesmaid once I got to work, I'll admit I started to cry. Remember how I said, it was one thing after another.

But it gets better! No, not the good way. (And yes, I did think I'd get a call from David's Bridal saying we can't keep your appointment because of flash flooding and the power being out. But that never happened.) So I called the head librarian, being plesant as possible (while thinking if only you knew the details) and we set the following Friday up, though when I called the photographer she said she might not be able to come then due to running errands for a benefit. By this time I was saying "It's only a 30 to 45 minutes!" But she did say she'd try to get someone to run the errands. Then I got an e-mail from the decor vendor to say that she couldn't meet us at the time we'd set that afternoon because there was a photo shoot and she wouldn't have everything set up. I was like why did you set that time if you weren't going to be ready? Then wait for it...she asked if we could meet her at 8:30 or 9 pm at night on a day when it was pouring cats and dogs. I'd also been talking to her for over a month, so we opted for Sunday afternoon.

After work I was pumped because all things were still go for Operation Nab Bridesmaids' Dresses. Then I got stuck on the interstate because of an accident. I was like I'm supposed to be at my mom's in 5 minutes! But we made it to Greensboro (45 minutes away) a few minutes past 6 (our appointment time). We signed in and the greeter pulled up my records and said my bridesmaid dresses were canary. I was like, "No! They're capri." So with a couple clicks he changed it. Yay! Then I helped my sis try on her dress for size, and she got to stay with a smaller one! Yay again. Then we ordered her dress and I ordered the junior bridesmaid's. Then we waited for my other bridesmaid/co-worker, who was 30 minutes late. We walked laps around the salon, and I did luck up and find a sixpence for my shoe. My co-worker/bridesmaid showed up...with her slightly ill looking hubby in tow. They were running late for a dinner with friends. When we got back from the loo, he yelled, "Did you know this was a final sale?" She said yes (since that's standard bridal protocol), so he scribbled his name, threw the pen on the counter and stormed out the door yelling they were late. Afterwards the consultant asked me if she'd made him mad. She'd been nothing but nice and super helpful, especially while my mom tried on dresses. As fate would have it, Mom finally got her cornflower blue dress!

So Friday, there are no engagement pics and it's was raining enough to express how sad I was about that. I'm 2 months behind in sending out save-the-date cards. Now I'm seriously wondering if I should even bother, though everyone has started asking me to remind them of the date. Since it was my early release day from my FT job, I spent the extra hours touching base with the florist about centerpeices; finding a sleevless tube top to get some sun without tan lines; and called the rehearsal location to see about a possible overlap with their usual Wednesday church group. But all that turned out okay...surprise, surprise! Except for the fact that the engagement pic photographer called me back at home (knowing I'd be at work) and left a message saying she'd hadn't found a replacement for those errands and to give her a call. I left the ball in her court, saying I really wanted to do the pics on the 12th, and would only call the head librarian back if she absolutely couldn't do it that day. So that's still up in the air.

In summary I'm pooped and am waiting for something to pop up that knocks things off kilter. I have a few more big things to take care of (including prepping for a meeting with my director), then it'll all be downhill and saving up money to pay the vendors. And scanning those barcodes for gifts. I'm so loking forward to something fun...and as of now not in Vegas! While it would be fun for the honeymoon and as a setting for a wild and crazy book, right now I have enough on my plate without adding an all you can eat buffet and Elvis inspired preacher.

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