Review - Hex In High Heels

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Review - Hex In High Heels

Hex In High Heels
by Linda Wisdom
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Irrepressible witch, Blair Fitzpatrick has had her eye on sexy carpenter and all round handyman Jake Harrison for quite a while. And who can blame her? A man with a tool belt can make a girl's heart flutter real fast. But being a good looking guy who's handy to have around isn't Jake's only skill. He's also a shape-shifter but not your run-of-the-mill wolf shape-shifter. No, Jake is a throwback to a past ancestor...a border collie!

Just as Blair and Jake begin a nice, hot relationship, his wolfy relatives move in. They want him back in the pack but Jake doesn't want any part of them. So they set about trying to entice him back.

While Blair is working on her relationship with Jake, she's also trying to ride herd on a bunch of not-so-Christmasy elves come to Moonstone Lake to provide 'color' for the winter festival, help a friend whose ex-boyfriend absconded with most of her savings, and figure out what the new wolf pack who bought the ski lodge wants. When she discovers they want Jake and that they've declared war on her, she's ready to battle for what she wants. No one messes with her town or her boyfriend!

This book, like all of Ms Wisdom's books, is a fast, fun and imaginative read. Her heroines are always smart, sexy women with plenty of courage and a 'not in my town' attitude. And her heroes are always handsome virile hunks the reader just falls in love with. Jake is even more than that. Maybe it's the tool belt (remember what I said about handy to have around guys) or maybe it's his lovable personality when he's in his border collie form. I think Jake is one of the best heroes Ms Wisdom has created yet.

All of these hexy books are a treat to read. Ms. Wisdom creates fun, magical worlds peopled with unique characters you love or love to hate. Better still, she creates love stories that warm the heart and make the reader glad to read them.

Ms Wisdom's other books are 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, Hex Appeal, and Wicked By Any Other Name. Try them all. You'll be glad you did.

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