Review - What A Goddess Wants

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Review - What A Goddess Wants

What A Goddess Wants
Stephanie Julian
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
July 2011

Tessa, the Etruscan Goddess of the Dawn, is being hunted by the god of the Underworld. He wants to steal her powers, small though they might be, and uses demonic forces to pursue her in her waking hours and in her dreams. In desperation, she turns to her old friend, Salvatorus, a satyr with connections to many mythological beings.

Salvatorus can think of only one person who might help. A Cimmerian warrior. Cimmerians, highly respected warriors, are known for their lack of emotions and lack of physical sensations like warmth and cold. He sends her to Caligo, a Cimmerian warrior, for protection but warns her that Caligo may not be interested in helping her or anyone else. 

Caligo, or Cal as he's called, has tried to protect the goddess Venus only to discover, after he's beaten to a bloody pulp, that she'd used him to make another god jealous. That and the betrayal he's experienced in his home world has turned his heart to ice. But Cal is shocked when he touches Tessa and feels warmth. He's even more shocked by wanting that warmth again and again...and by the fact that he's starting to feel emotions - want, need, liking, love - for Tessa. 

When Tessa finds his secluded cabin in the woods, she stumbles inside, uninvited, falls asleep in his bed and…well, you can guess what happens when he arrives home. While the set up might have been a little…forced, the highly volatile chemistry between them is scorching hot. After that, there’s a great balance of romance and action and the reader can feel the emotions growing between the two.

I loved the characterization the author did for the characters although I wanted more information about Cal’s past and the reasons he left his home world. Salvatorus is another very interesting character that I hope we’ll see more of in the future.

Overall, there’s great romance, good action and sparkling dialogue. What more can you ask? I definitely recommend it. 

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