Review - A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

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Review - A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing

A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing
Terry Spear
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
March 2012

In A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing, we have Meara, the werewolf sister of Hunter Greymere, on the prowl for a mate of her own. With Hunter on his own honeymoon, she sets in motion her plan to attract alpha werewolf males to her lodge thinking that she’ll be able to pick and choose from them. What she doesn’t count on is Finn Emerson, a friend and fellow SEAL in Hunter’s squad. Finn is there to keep an eye on Meara while Hunter is away.

Finn has had a thing for Meara for a long time but since she’s Hunter’s sister, he never thought it was a good idea to let anyone know…especially since Meara’s sharp tongue has shown him how much she doesn’t like him. Meara always thought it was Finn that pulled her brother away from the pack on SEAL business when in reality it was all Hunter’s idea. Finn took the blame just to help Hunter keep the peace. So with Hunter away, he’s not real happy to be the one watching out for Meara. And he’s even less happy when he discovers what she’s hoping to accomplish with her plans. Because there’s an assassin after her and every time Finn gets near her, his mind and body shout MATE and MINE.

But when a rifle shot rings out, Finn grabs Meara and sets out for a safe house where he knows she’ll be safe. The sexual attraction between the two escalates as they get to know each other better. Even with Finn fighting the attraction, it’s a losing battle. Meara isn’t in any better condition. She doesn’t want to be attracted to Finn. She wants a mate who’ll be home and not chasing after dangerous adventures. That’s not Finn. He lives for that sort of thing.

Finn realizes that Meara is an alpha but he also realizes that her main wish is to be respected. She wants a mate who’ll see her as an equal and not try to control her. Even though every instinct he has says that she’s supposed to be his, he’s reluctant to claim her. They have a lot of very hot almost sex as they spend time together but their idyll is interrupted by the appearance of members of his SEAL team who have news about the assassin. When another attempt is made on Meara’s life, Hunter is contacted and Finn has a lot of ‘explaining’ to do to her overprotective brother. Finn ends up moving Meara again as he attempts to evade the mysterious assassin and sets up the final dramatic confrontation.

I always enjoy Terry Speer’s werewolf books. These guys are dominant, yes, but they all seem to have a tender core where their mate is concerned that’s absolutely endearing. I think I always name the latest hero as my favorite and, well, Finn is now on my favorite list. Meara, on the other hand, took a while longer to become sympathetic for me. At first, she seemed like a spoiled brat but as the story progressed, she became more reasonable and more likeable.

All in all, A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing is another riveting, fun and sexy read by Terry Spear. If you’ve read any other of her werewolf books or if you love werewolf books in general, you don’t want to miss this one.

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DawnM said...

Love Terry's books. This sounds like a great addition.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

I have enjoyed Terry's novels. Ilove romance combined with humor in paranormal novels. Looking forward to reading this new book.

Jacqueline Seewald
TEA LEAVES AND TAROT CARDS--request it at your local library!

Linda Andrews said...

Terry's heroes are wonderful and I can't wait to get to know Finn.

Trisha said...

This sounds like a good one. Thanks for the review!

Phyllis M said...
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leann said...

I totally love Ms. Terry's books. They make me feel like part of the family. All the characters intertwine in some way.. love this series!

Victoria said...

I love SEALs and I love wolves so this is going to be a great read. Thanks for the review.

Victoria said...

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Mary Keith - Keith Publications, LLC said...

sounds like a great book...can't wait to read it.
mary keith

Amber said...

these books prove get me every time.

Amber said...

*to* 8)

Tamara Hoffa said...

Good review!

Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much, Lynda, and ladies! I hope you love Finn and Meara's story!

I had so much fun writing it!

Nancy Lee Badger said...

Terry's characters are flawed and sexual and riveting...add the werewolf factor, and the story keeps me coming back for more of Terry's books. Love them all!