Review - The Magic of I Do by Tammy Falkner

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Review - The Magic of I Do by Tammy Falkner

The Magic of "I Do"
Tammy Falkner
Sourcebooks, June  2013
ISBN: 9781402268151

The Magic of "I Do" is the second book in the Faerie series by Tammy Falkner.

The child of a faerie and a human, Claire Thorne has spent her entire life  being raised by her Fae grandparents. Originally, she'd come, on a mission to London to help her sister, Sophie, with a mission. That turned out well for Sophie but left Claire in a bit of a jam when she is abducted by Lord Phineas (Finn) Trimble. She can't escape because Finn has stolen her bottle of magic dust.

Claire and Finn are forced to stay at his home and the sparks fly, culminating in Claire losing her innocence to Finn. However, her grandfather has died and a gnome is sent to return her to the land of the fae. Once there, Claire has her magic locked in the family vault. Four months later, she's keeping her secrets and angry because Sophie, her new husband the Duke of Robinsworth and her parents, the Lord and Lady Ramsdale are there in the land When. They. Should. Not. Be. Oddly, Sophie is increasing and so is Claire though she's told no one because then they would know that she'd had relations with a mortal. But she discovers a magic paintbrush that she'd had as a child. She uses it and is transported...straight to Finn's bedchamber.

Claire isn't sure what to do about her condition or what it will mean to her future as a faerie or a mother. Finn, in the meantime, is just happy to see the woman who has been on his mind since they were together. While she's with him, he plans to enjoy every minute. He is also something of a detective, solving crimes and employing some agents to help with his cases. When he learns that his previous mistress has been physically abused by a sinister Earl, who might be the cause of past family troubles, he and Claire spirit the woman to safety.

The Magic of "I Do" is a delightful blend of Paranormal and Regency, though the Regency aspects might not follow the generally accepted rules of behavior. Even though they are attracted to each other, Claire knows from her own life experience that a fae child of a human parent will cause heartbreak for all concerned. Her own mother, Lady Ramsdale, was forced to give up her fae children. That's something Claire is loath to do.

Both Claire and Finn are well developed characters though, at times, they seem a bit dense. But they're also likeable personalities so it's easy to forgive them. Their story is light and fun and easy to read. Once you start reading, you won't want to stop. 

The Magic of "I Do" will stand alone but you'll want to read A Lady and Her Magic (see my review here), the first book in the series. The next book, The Magic Between Us will be out in January of 2014.

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