Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Release!

I just wanted to announce my newest paranormal release is available TODAY from New Concepts Publishing.

The Concubine's Tale
by Jennifer Colgan

An ancient papyrus scroll tells the sensual and tragic tale of Nayari, concubine to a power-hungry magistrate bent on usurping the Egyptian throne. The chronicles of her forbidden love for Khanu, the stoic warrior sent to transport her from her master's home to the temple of Min, enflame the passions of modern day art collector Grant Pierson for sexy gallery curator Cait Lang. As Cait relates Nayari's erotic adventure she stirs more than just Grant's curiosity in the priceless artifact and they find themselves caught up in a love story three thousand years in the making.

Rating: Contains some violence and sexual situations.

For more information on The Concubine's Tale, visit New Concepts Publishing today!

* * *

Though it's a standalone story, The Concubine's Tale ties in with events in The Soul Jar my previous New Concepts release/June 2006.


MK Mancos/Kathleen Scott said...

Wow...that's a great cover and I can't wait to read the book...because frankly I think I'm getting to be one of your biggest fans. Hehehehhehee...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kat! This was a fun one to write because of the structure, weaving a modern and an ancient story together was a challenge. I think it turned out well.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Wow again! That is a terrific cover! And the story sounds great! It's definitely on my list.

Angela Verdenius said...

wow, awesome cover!!!! Did you get a say in what you wanted on it?