Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Darling Asshole

I know, you're thinking, "WTF?" Well, this week's theme is about sexy men. And I thought I'd talk about assholes, since they can be one and the same.

Now personally, I don't tolerate assholes. Most of the uber-alpha males found between the covers of the romance genre would not make it anywhere near the covers of my bed, unless they were there to help move it or something. But I'm not talking about those guys, either. We all know they're marshmallows underneath the sandpaper exterior.

I'm talking about the rare creature that can only be described as the "man-bitch." This is the guy who's got morals so flexible that they might as well be made of rubber. He lives by his own code of honor, and damned if the rest of the world can figure out just what the hell it is, because he's not going to bother telling them.

This guy, also, would end up with my boot in his arse in real life. But I love to read about him. Why? Is it the sea change? Is it the prevailing theme that no one is irredeemable? Is it watching this guy get his come-uppance (preferably from someone self-confident and with attitude)? Or is it picking him apart by the guts just to see how they work, all the better without anesthesia?

I'm one of those sad people that Dr. Phil would probably thwap upside the head, if he judged me by my reading material. Unpredictable heroes--heroes who leave you scratching your head and wondering if he's really the hero...or maybe the villain, and checking the spine to make sure you got a romance, and not a horror novel. I'm the one who looks at the bad guy and wonders what he'd be like as the hero of his own story. Assholes need love, too, and my imagination just churns when I see the villain of the piece and wonder what story has him cast as the hero, and why?

That part of me is the part that keeps asking, "why?" Why is he such a bastard? What makes him tick? What would hurt him, and why? And what could save him?


Natasha said...

What can save him? The love of a good woman, of course. That is...if she isn't totally repelled by the asshole before she gets a chance. It takes a strong woman to do that.

Xandra Gregory said...

LOL...a strong woman with good ass-kickin' boots. :D And maybe a streak of bitch in her somewhere.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Every woman needs a pair of good ass-kicking boots :D