Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Right Blend

And no, I'm not talking about coffee beans. I wish I were. I love coffee.

What I'm talking about is the blend between romantic storyline and "external" or action storyline in the stories I like to read and the ones I want to write.

Romance is not only a genre in itself, it also goes beyond genre into basic story element itself. Stories in a range of other genres possess romantic threads as significant parts of their plots. An action story develops an extra kick if there's a love story in there, too. And what hero is complete without a Love Interest?

Yet having two distinct plot lines in one story can backfire--if you've ever been in a movie, or read a book where the action stops for the partners to start smooching--or the smooching gets rudely interrupted by bad guys with guns--then you understand that there's a delicate balance between the external and the internal. Navigating that fine line can cause many a story to belly-flop into the water below.

One method I've noticed in the more memorable stories I've read is that the authors will keep the romance and the action running very closely together. Tied thematically, similar in scope, and entangled, so that the romance doesn't feel like an intrusion on the action, and the action doesn't feel like an interruption to the romance.

It's a tough thing to do...but absolute magic when it happens.

-- Xandra

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1 comment:

Savanna Kougar said...

It is magic when it happens. Hopefully, I create that blend everyday when I write.