Monday, August 11, 2008

Weird Minds = Weird Ideas

I've got new neighbors. Cute male neighbors (two brothers). Tall, dark, good looking. They're younger than I am and like any young men, they have a lot of 'toys'. Most guy home owners would outfit this shed with regulation boy toys like tools. Not these young men.

They have dirt bikes/ATV's. Trampoline in the backyard. Pool table in the basement (I assume - it could be in the living room for all I know). Big screen TV. And a furnished shed out in the backyard.

Shed? Furnished?

Yep. A sofa, coffee table. Electricity. Not sure what else is in there. It isn't that big of a shed though.

When I first saw there was electricity in it (because the boys didn't turn the lights off AND they left the door ajar), I was kind of surprised. I've lived here a long time and didn't realize the previous owners had even put electricity in the shed. But what really had me lifting my eyebrows was the sofa, the table, oh and there's an easy chair. It's wall-to-wall but hey, they ain't my walls :D so I don't care.

But it started revving my weird little mind. Why would they want a furnished shed? Mmm. To have their own doghouse? (One of them is getting married soon and I suspect she'll be in charge when she arrives, lol) Or maybe one of them is a werewolf and needs his own 'fortress of solitude'? So far I haven't heard any howling so I'm guessing that isn't it. Or maybe one of them is a writer and needs his own space? Mmm.

I wouldn't be surprised. Women writers tend to find a corner where they can write. Male writers...need their own space.

But they may not be writers at all. Maybe this IS the dog house for their dog (when he grows up, he's still a pup). Or my dh suggests this is where the soon-to-be MRS is going to stay (riiiggghhht, there's no plumbing).

I think they furnished the shed because they wanted us neighbors to simply speculate about what they were doing.

LOL, they succeeded.

-- Lynda

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Savanna Kougar said...

Lynda, a male den? Shed instead of garage? Maybe the MRS doesn't like sports???

Lynda K. Scott said...

I was thinking along those lines too, Savanna. I haven't seen a TV in there (it is a very small space and it's kind of full, lol) but he could have one of the little flat screen TV's hanging on the wall or something...though I haven't seen a cable connection either.

LOL, I *do* sound nosy, don't I? Honest, I'm not but this arrangement has got me curious :D

Skylar Masey said...

Too funny Lynda!

Sheds for the guys are common here in NC. Usually it's because they need a sanctuary to escape from the wife or to do a hobby. My step-dad had one in the backyard complete with a porch, AC, a fridge, lights and even cable TV.

But it does make you wonder what they're using it for. Maybe a man lair for the "buds" to chill in?