Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Things I Haven't Written

Every year I say I'm going to spend "this year" going through my backlog of half-finished stories and actually completing them to submit. So far, I've managed that with one - well, maybe two. I guess that's not bad considering this is only March. I can't tell you how many books I have open on my hard drive that are in various states of WIP. Half of them are fantasy or sci-fi novels that I put to the side for some reason or another.

They aren't bad books. They aren't even less interesting than some of the others I've written, they just got pushed aside while I worked on something else. Maybe I pitched something at conference and needed to set the book aside to finish up a project I had a request for. Or decided to enter a special call from a publisher with a specific set of story needs.

Whatever the reason - it's not getting done.

Do any of you do this, or is it just me? Do you labor over a story from start to finish, sweat over it until it's polished to perfection? I used to. I've even spent time devoted to one story during an entire day if I had a deadline for completion. Not now. I've gotten into the habit of rotating my stories during a day. Work a little on the erotic romance here, fiddle with the contemp there, rearrange and lay down the next chapter on the next story. It just all depends. But I seem to always add in another book that's new, instead of finishing the ones I have.

Bad, Kat. Bad Kat!

So, if you have a project that is languishing on your harddrive, I challenge you to join with me and take it out and add it to the list you're working on now...or move it to the front of the line.

I dare you.

(Actually, I dare me. I just want the company.)



Lynda K. Scott said...

Kat, that's a great idea. Unfortunately with the overtime I'm working, I'm lucky if I can work on the current WIP. At all.

I've set aside a measly three hours on Saturday morning (before the hubby gets up) just to work on the writing. But once he gets up, it's time to do housework or shopping or one of the other many mundane chores that I put off during the week.

I really do like the idea of pulling out half-finished stories though. Just wish I had a touch more time.

Skylar Masey said...

I have a couple manuscripts and fleshed out ideas sitting idle on my harddrive. And an idea for a new WIP that was going to be my next project. But unfortunately all my time has seemed to be sucked into other things. And I know that you have to make writing a priority, but sometimes I'm juggling so many balls that my head starts to spin ;0)

But I did tell myself I had to get back into my writing. And perhaps that's something that I can do to destress while wedding planning :0)