Friday, January 08, 2010

Get Goals!

The first of the year are always a time for reflection on the woulda couldas of the past year, and usually prompt some form of goal. Or perhaps they stem from something that piqued your interest, say a show or something from the magazine/paper. Whatever it is that has you moving on instead of dwelling with the past means that you've got some type of goal.

I know the attendance at my local gym has just jumped up, and that lots of people are hitting the stores for Wii Fit and it's spin offs. So it seems getting healthy is another biggie this year.

Some people are on the hunt for jobs, and others just want to hold onto what they have, and perhaps pay off debts. Again, it's a smart move and one I'm trying to incorporate myself.

In other news, my life is about to get more interesting...and in those simple words read lots more insider stuff to write about...since the hubby and I are talking kids after my 1/2 marathon the day before Valentine's. Plus we're trying to find a house to take advantage of the extended tax break. So needless to say, things are hopping in our house :0)

In writing terms, I have started to think about what I "want" to do instead of what I need to do. And that means getting back to writing. With so much on my plate, I haven't made the time. But now, it's time to get back to my keyboard for more than these posts and interviews. Which means I may have to give some things up, like it or not...since there isn't more I can cram into my day. And I'm sure there are a lot of other writers out there who can sympathize. In fact, they're hopefully thinking of page counts per day or month, and how many books they want to finish this year. Or ways they can inventively market their work, or get a foot in the door.

Over the holidays I actually made time to read a book! In the craziness called my life, the only thing I had time for was magazines. It was divine to snuggle up with that book! I started a second, but as of yet haven't gotten half way. Not the author's fault, but life intervined. Anyhow, as readers do you set a goal for yourself? A book a month, two perhpas? Do you blog about them to keep yourself accountable a la Julie & Julia?

Whatever the new year holds for you have fun doing it, because life is too short to be miserable! One of my new favorite mottos comes from my Life is Good t-shirt--Do what you like. Like what you do. Also, make sure to take (not make) time for family and friends, because you can't get those special moments back...or from a Hallmark movie!

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