Monday, June 07, 2010

Guest - Frances Pauli

Good morning everyone! Today's guest, Frances Pauli, writes Speculative Fiction with a touch of Romance. She has a short science fiction story published in Alternative Coordinates magazine, a Science Fiction Romance e-book released through Devine Destinies, and her Urban Fantasy trilogy due to begin in the fall through Mundania Press LLC. Her book, The Dimensional Shift is set to be released later this year through Awe-Struck ebooks.

Parallel Lives

I’m a big fan of string theory. I realize that dates me, that science has started to move on, but, hey, I’m a slow learner. The concept inherent in string theory, specifically, about the existence of parallel dimensions had completely captivated my imagination.

I mean, imagine it. Suppose there are an unlimited number of alternative universes, each a little different from our own, each just a shade off parallel. How many different versions of your home town are out there? Of your home, your family? Of you?

Now that’s the tricky part, isn’t it? Wrapping your brain around the idea of infinite versions of yourself can result in a fairly large headache. It tends to make people twitchy. I’m pretty attached to my individuality, and I suspect most of us are. To my mind, that just makes way too fertile of a background for
storytelling to resist.

What would happen if you ran into another version of you? Would you like them or hate them? Would you have anything to warn them about? Any advice to give? Even better, what might they have to tell you?

I suspect a person could become easily obsessed with their parallel identities. I mean, look how crazy we are about watching celebrities, royals, people we have no personal ties to. Imagine the reality television craze if those idiots on TV were other aspects of yourself. Would you want to watch them? I suspect a lot of us would. I suspect some of us might get addicted.

If someone invented a way to spy on your parallels, how much would you pay for it? Would it be dangerous? Illegal? Maybe just a fad that gets old really quickly?

I have a release coming out this summer featuring a maid in a hotel for inter-dimensional travelers. She finds out about her parallels, and her immediate reaction is to want to know more despite the warnings, the restrictions, and her new invisible best friend’s assurance that she “just doesn’t want to go there.”

I think the curiosity would be overwhelming, and the dangers even more so. Aside from the addictive possibilities, a whole mess of complications could ensue. Identity theft would take on whole new dimensions…literally. Criminals could blame everything on a parallel. Politicians and actors would have an easier time finding stunt doubles.

It would be chaos, but I’m a fan of chaos theory as well. Now that one really dates me.

So what do you think would be the biggest problem or the biggest benefit of knowing about your own alternates? What would you ask them, and would you really want to know the answer?

Thanks so much for having me today!


Frances' book Roarke is available from Devine Destinies or through her website at:
or in Kindle version at:

The Dimensional Shift is due for release later this year from
Awe-Struck e-books.

She also offers a free online read at:

"the universe is about to get sticky"

When Xenobiologist, Dr. Murray, receives yet another phony wedding
invitation from her galaxy hopping sister, she does what any good
sibling would do. She drops her research and hops the first flight to
some obscure planet at the edge of the civilized universe. But Zora’s
weddings never manage to go off as planned, and before the cake is
served, Murray finds herself imprisoned with the unapologetic bride.
With the assistance of a mysterious android and the universe’s last
living space slug, the two find themselves on the run in a stolen
space ship with half the galaxy in hot pursuit. Thanks to Zora, it’s
the least desirable half. Maybe Murray will get lucky, and the crash
landing will kill her.
-- Lynda
I wanted to let you all know that Frances is generously offering a copy of 'Temptations' to everyone who leaves a comment, their age and email addy by Wednesday.


she's offering a free pdf copy of Roarke to one lucky person who leaves a comment & their email addy by Friday. So make sure you leave a comment with your email address so you can be eligible for these great reads!

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 Hope to see you there!

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M Pax said...

Oh, I very much look forward to your new release. String theory is mind-boggling. I think it would be impossible not to be curious about alt selves and to want to see what their lives are like.

I so enjoyed Roarke. It rocks. :D And Space Slugs.

Kari Thomas said...

FASCINATING blog post, Frances! It really gets the imagination working! And NOW I have a headache! LOL!

I think a big problem with mixing with the parallel world would be that old adage about worrying that history or something important might be changed if you interfere. Still, it would definitely be FUN to do so!

Hugs, Kari Thomas,

Linda Andrews said...

As I've told my alternate mes, I don't associate with criminals. :-).

I loved the teaser and the slugs. I know what string theory and chaos theory, so I'm your age if not older.


Frances Pauli said...

The idea fascinates me, though I'm pretty sure I'd dislike most of my doubles. At the very least, I bet we'd argue something fierce. ;-)

Remember if you want the free sampler, either email me at: or just pop a note and an email addy in your comment and I'll send it off.
It is and ebook romance and erotica sampler, (so 18+ only please), featuring several authors.

For the Roarke drawing, I'll pick a commenter's name at random at the end of the week.
Thanks so much for coming by and chatting!!!


SiNn said...

Honestly i wouldnt wanna peek in to my alternates because whose to say theya rent haven better lives i d rather be blissfully unaware of everything they did

im over 18 would love a sampler

and owuld love to read temptations great post

Y. Bressani said...

I like the idea that there is a "multiverse" (besides, one of my favorite scientists to hear commenteries from is a string theorist - Dr. Kaku (at least that's what I think his field in physics is)).

While I like to think there are other versions of me, I don't think I really would like to know what they're doing, nor would I like to have warnings from the other mes as I think the other universes might be the same but also have a hair (or more) of difference so what I would do in a given situation might be different from what one of the other "mes" does. *pauses* Clear as mud?

Yes, I would like to receive the sampler. email is shadowlord28 @

Stephanie said...

Be happy with what you got ~ that's the best advice for me. Not that I wouldn't be tempted if it was possible but in the end in this case less knowledge is more power.

Your story sounds intriguing though. Thanks for sharing with us.

Pauline B Jones said...

I love playing with the idea, not sure I'd want to live it. Used to like Sliders, until they went overboard with the cromag stuff.

susan said...

TEMPTATION sounds like a great read and would love to be entered to win a copy of it. I already belong to your group and web site. susan L.

Frances Pauli said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting!

I think I've sent a copy of Temptations to everyone who requested it, but if I've missed you please give a shout out.

Great comments all around!


Frances Pauli said...

Well, I numbered everyone and let my four-year-old pick a winner. That's about as random as you get. ;-)

I'm happy to announce that SiNn has won the free ebook of Roarke.
I'll be sending out the prize...well, now.

Thanks everyone for the fantastic comments!

Frances Pauli