Friday, January 14, 2011

The World Wide Web...Reconnected

I have never been so happy for a Google page to load! Tuesday marked the end to our internet connection drought....after two weeks! The day it flaked out my hubby disconnected and reconnected the cables, router, etc. You name it and he tried it. Nothing worked. I told him from the get go it was Time Warner fiddling with something, especially since the outage came right after the new year. Then like magic, during the latest snow storm, bam it's back up. I guess they decided not to leave us destitute if our phones quit working so we'd have some way to get help :0)

Regardless, in those bleak days when I couldn't surf to my hearts content, I learned that I've started relying on the the Web for tons of stuff. I have my browser set to open to, so I can check words when I need to. It meant no fact checking. I couldn't see if I had new e-mails or Facebook posts. No researching publishers or agents either, which I'd planned to do on a day off from my full time job.

I'd resorted to checking the connection via my new Kindle around bed time during the first couple of days. Every time I sat down at the computer, I'd click the IE icon, only to see the page can't be loaded message. I'd try Yahoo after Google. No go.

What did I do instead? I wrote! In fact, I started a new book. Today I'm proud to say it's up to 13,000+ words! I've been setting a timer each day so I can get in at least 30 minutes of writing time. If I'm on a roll I keep going until I'm at a stopping point or I have to do something else. I can't say every day has been easy, especially when I got frustrated and had to leave asterisks as a reminder to fill in facts, but I've enjoyed the time. Especially because I got use to the freedom of not being connected.

Gone was the pull to see what people were up to, to see if I had a new message, to read all the headlines or just look up things I wanted to check into. I simply couldn't...unless I used my super brief breaks at work. Which could've opened a whole new can of worms.

Now it's back to the normal grind, but I'm trying to stay as unconnected as I can. :0) I don't want to mess up the good writing thing I have going.

What couldn't you live without if you lost your internet connection?

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Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh Skylar! I know how you felt being without the Internet for so long. It's happened to me too and I always feel as if I'm having Withdrawal Pains, LOL. But your observations about the time sink it poses is so true too.

Congrats on getting so much writing done. Sometimes I think I need to Disconnect on purpose just to get more writing done myself.