Monday, February 21, 2011

Review - The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase

The Werewolf Upstairs
by Ashlyn Chase
Sourcebooks Casablanca
February 2011

Konrad Wolfensen considers it his responsibility to protect the citizens of Boston, even if it's from their own carelessness. So he breaks into unguarded businesses to show how easy stealing from them could be. However, he doesn't count on being caught in the act and ending up in jail. Luckily for him, his attractive new neighbor is an attorney.

When attorney Roz Wells moves into her new apartment, she gets a lot more than she expects including help from her handsome upstairs neighbor. She looks forward to getting to know him better.

So begins an amusing tale of romance, courtship and misunderstandings. Konrad realizes he needs to find another career especially as he gets to know Roz better. As an attorney, she's seen and heard it all from a plethora of 'But I'm innocent' clients and she's simply tired of it. She's pretty sure that Konrad isn't one of those types even after she helps keep him out of jail and when he suggests that they both need different careers, she's game to try.

What follows is a career counselor's nightmare, albeit a funny one as the duo attempt to learn cooking, bar tending, dancing, and parachuting skills and should come with the label 'Don't Try This At Home'. While Konrad and Roz appear to be perfect for each other, their career talents are far more limited as Roz ends up with a nearly broken foot (dancing), and burnt hair (cooking). Konrad doesn't fare a whole lot better but, as a werewolf, he's built a lot sturdier and can take a lot more damage. His main problem is how to let Roz know what he truly is without freaking her out.

Roz values truth and honesty after dealing with all her so-called innocent clients. She likes Konrad's honesty and willingness to help the other residents in the apartment building and she loves the way he treats her as if she's the most special person in the world. What woman wouldn't? But even a love struck woman has to wonder why her lover vanishes on the night of the full moon or ends up parading down the hall in all his naked glory. And his answers don't go very far to satisfy her. He's hiding something and until she knows what it is, she can't commit herself to their relationship.

The Werewolf Upstairs is an amusing tale and a good way to spend a cold February evening. This is the second in Ms Chase's series (Strange Neighbors was the first book).

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