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Guest - Sidney Ayers

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a wonderful June (soon to be July)! I'm happy to report that it finally stopped raining long enough for me to get my garden planted and I now have corn, beans, tomatoes and peppers stretching and playing in the sunshine :-) And mentioning growing things...our very own Skylar has announced that she's expecting her first baby in February. Join me in a rousing chorus of Congrats!

As exciting as that news is, we have more :-) Today we have Sidney Ayers visiting us. Sidney is the author of Demons Prefer Blondes (you'll find my review here). Her publisher, Sourcebooks, has offered a copy of Demons Prefer Blondes to two Star-Crossed Romance readers. Go to the Lynda Again section to see how you can enter the drawing.

I’ve always been interested in the occult, especially demons. The idea of demons, angels and even gods and goddesses can be seen in almost every culture and religion. And, of course, those demons are usually evil. With the paranormal genre getting so crowded with vampires, werewolves, and other shifters, I wanted to go a different route. Demons seemed the most logical choice. Then I hemmed and hawed. Demons? They’re evil. How could I pull it off?

After some serious brainstorming, I had it. The good demons and all their weapons would be blessed by angels. They would reside in Limbo, the realm between heaven and hell. Through Limbo, they are able to travel to Earth and protect humans. I originally chose to call my good demons “Guardians,” but discovered that there are Guardians all over literary land. I didn’t come up with Paladins in some fancy, totally creative way. I found them using the handy dandy website at I just typed in guardian and located a really awesome sounding synonym. And that’s how the Paladins were born.

As for the setting, Connolly Park is a small suburb of a moderately sized metropolitan area in Michigan. It is loosely based on my home town. I’ve changed names of several streets and made up some of my own. It’s so much easier writing about a place you know. It was fun coming up with different street names and places of interest too.  It was my special way of giving a nod to my hometown.  The only place that isn’t really fictional is the town the book concludes in. I can’t tell you where. It would totally spoil the ending. 

That’s what makes writing in alternate genres so enjoyable. You can write your own rules, make up your own places, and even tweak some of the actual ones. So, sure, demons may be bad, but doesn’t it make life a little more intriguing thinking that maybe not all demons are evil? Heck, even Cole on charmed had some—albeit they came and went with the tide—redeeming qualities.

So, that’s how, in a totally ordinary and everyday way, I came up with the Paladins in the Demons Unleashed series. But sometimes, the ordinary is all we need to build an extraordinary world.


A Bad Day For A Demon
Rafe Deleon is a senior demon and he resents like hell his assignment to Earth to retrieve the Chest of the Damned before it falls into the wrong hands. But then he meets beautiful, intriguing succubus Lucy Gregory, and she’s just unleashed a whole load of trouble…

Really Sucks For A Succubus
Lucy’s chic suburban beauty salon has suddenly become the Underworld’s center of mass chaos and destruction. The only good thing in a day going rapidly down the tubes is the arrival of a gorgeous demon who’s adamant that he can help her…

But Lucy has quite a few deeply unpleasant—not to mention deadly and hateful—surprises ahead of her, and surely there’s never been a worse time to try out a new boyfriend…

Sidney Ayers writes light paranormal and erotic romance. Her manuscripts have won or placed in the MORWA Gateway to the Best, the Valley of the Sun Hot Prospects, the Passionate Ink Stroke of Midnight, the Heart of Denver Molly, and the Finally a Bride contests. She lives in Michigan where she is working on the next book in the Demons Unleashed series, Demons Like it Hot—in stores December 2011. For more information, please visit

-- Lynda Again

   As I mentioned earlier, Sourcebooks has offered us two copies of Demons Prefer Blondes. How can you get in the drawing? Easy!

Send an email to me at by Friday, July 1

1) Put Demon in the subject line

2) What was Sidney originally going to call her good demons?  ________ 

3) Give me your name and snail mail address.

On Friday, Wookie (my alien kitten) and I will select and announce the winners. Good luck all and have a Blessed Day!

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Review - Demons Prefer Blondes

Demons Prefer Blondes
Sidney Ayers
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
June, 2011

When her friend brings an antique wooden chest to her shop, cosmetologist Lucy Gregory just figures it's another of her friend's wacky, overpriced purchases. She doesn't expect to be drawn to it like a magnet though. Neither does she expect it to change her life forever.

Rafael Deleon is a Paladin, a high ranking demon who fights for Good. He's searching for the Chest of the Damned which was sent to Earth by its guardian, his sister, to keep it away from the evil Belial, one of the chief demons of the Infernati. He believes if he can get the ancient chest, he can safely return it to Limbo where it will harm none and he can be on his way to rescue his sister. He finds Lucy Gregory instead and discovers that she's part demon herself, part succubus to be exact. But her aura is clean which means she isn't Infernati. Everything about her speaks to him. He tries to ignore the attraction but finds it impossible.

Lucy, too, is attracted to the handsome, brooding man. She senses a connection between them that won't be denied but when he body slams one of her employees for touching his hair without permission, she sends him on his way. When Lucy opens the chest, she releases the demons that were contained inside and awakens her own demonic powers. She doesn't quite know what to do with them until Rafe becomes her 'guardian demon'. He has to protect her from the Infernati and from Belial until she's strong enough to take care of herself.

This is an entertaining, easy to read quirky story with plenty of snarky dialogue and unusual, though at times cliched,  characters. The plot revolves around a spirited heroine and a dark, brooding hero and the potential destruction of the human race. I enjoyed the fresh take on 'demons' where some demons, the Paladins, actively work to protect humans and I'd like to see more of the Paladin history/culture.

This is a great book to curl up with on the beach or on your patio. Definitely worth a read!

Congrats to Skylar!

Baby, New Baby Pictures, Graphics, Images, Comments
Baby, New Baby Comments Pictures - Photobucket

Our very own Skylar and Mr. Skylar have announced they're expecting a happy arrival in February!

Baby, New Baby Pictures, Graphics, Images, Comments
Baby, New Baby Comments Pictures - Photobucket

Time Well Spent
See tiny fingers and tiny toes,
Bright baby eyes, cute baby nose;
Hear baby gurgles and baby sighs,
As Mom and Dad sing lullabies.
Life is changed, but that's okay;
It's fun to spend glad hours each day,
Taking time for all the good
That comes along with parenthood.
By Joanna Fuchs

Congrats to you both, Skylar. My only advice is to enjoy each moment, each day of your child's life. Time passes too quickly and before you know it, Baby Skylar will be 21 and moving out. So enjoy each stage. I know you and Mr Skylar will be great parents!

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A New Hope

Okay, the title is a rip off from Star Wars ;-) but it's so appropriate for the release of my book, Altered Destiny.

Altered Destiny had a shelf life of about 14 days before the publisher it was at went belly up. Did they know they were going to go belly up when they bought the book? I think they did. But a little known fact is that regardless of the Bankruptcy clauses in your contract, bankruptcy laws take precedence. Those laws dictate that the intellectual property the publisher has contract to is an asset in a bankruptcy case and, as such, can be used to offset any debts the publisher has. The publisher had plenty of debt.

In other words, I and the other authors with 'intellectual property' at the publisher were at the mercy of the courts. But we banded together, just like the rebels in Star Wars, and fought for our rights. In the end, we did get the rights to our 'intellectual property' back.

That was only half the battle. It's really hard to find a publisher who'll take an already published novel, particularly one that's cross genre. You see, Altered Destiny is a futuristic, but it's not. It's a time travel, but, well, not really. It's a fantasy, but not so much. Publishers like to be able to peg just where a story would go in their line up. Can't blame them for that.

What is Altered DestinyAltered Destiny is a romance. It's a story of despair, hope, courage and love and the two main characters find their way to a well deserved Happy Ever After.

But lately I've been watching a lot of authors publishing their back lists with success. So I've decided to go that route for Altered Destiny. I'm delighted to announce that it's currently available as an ebook on the Amazon Kindle and on the B/N Nook.

Altered Destiny
Stranded on an alternate Earth, architect and Jill-of-all-trades, Liane Gautier-MacGregor must find her way back to her homeworld before she's enslaved...or falls in love with a man who is the exact duplicate of her ex-husband. 

Devyn MacGregor's alter ego as the Reiver Lord is the only way he can fight the Qui'arel and their nefarious Bride Bounty, a tax paid with human females...until he meets the oddly familiar woman who claims he is her husband. And who sets in motion the rebellion that will either free his countrymen or destroy them.



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Review - Virgin by Cheryl Brooks

Virgin: The Cat Star Chronicles
Cheryl Brooks
Sourcebooks, Casablanca

Dax never met a woman he truly wanted...until the elusive scent from a lovely human/Aquerei bar waitress sparks his interest. Unfortunately, he lacks the finesse other Zetithians possess so his chance of winning her is slim. He's far more used to turning women away than attracting them. Waroun, his Norludian navigator, calls him 'The Great Virgin', much to Dax's chagrin.

Ava Karon has bad luck with men. Her first boyfriend was boring. And the last one quickly went from 'bad boy' to simply bad. When the ugly Norludian offers her passage back to her home planet, she hesitates until she meets the pilot, Dax. The tall, handsome man with the glowing feline eyes can melt her into a puddle.

Dax and Waroun, his Norlundian navigator, are transporting Ava, two Kitnocks and a Drell to the destinations of their choice. When his shipboard robot, Kots, gives Ava Aquerei water to drink, things begin to happen - Ava's scent  becomes stronger, her hair and skin more lustrous. Kots choice of clothing for Ava is a dream come true - slinky, silky blue that matches Ava's pendant and eyes. The mere sight of her makes him want to purr.

And not just purr. Her scent draws him as no other woman's has. And the look in her beautiful aquamarine eyes tells him that she's interested too. Dax tries to be charming but, more often then not, ends up being abrupt and a little rude. He does a little research on human mating practices but that leaves him more confused than ever.

But when Dax decides to get some advice from his friend Threldigan, a man who specializes in 'magic' with gadgets and with women, they take a detour to the pleasure planet, Rhylos. While Dax has reasons to avoid the planet, he also looks forward to showing Ava around.

Ava isn't looking for romance but if she was, Dax would fit the bill. But she can't tell if he likes her or not. One minute, his eyes are glowing and he's purring, the next minute, he's curt and withdrawn. She tells herself it's for the best since she doesn't want to be involved with another 'bad boy' but she can't help fantasizing about him. She would take him to her bed in a heartbeat...if she knew he wanted her.

Unknown to either Dax or Ava, however, a mysterious group of Aquerei are in pursuit of Ava. In fact, there are two factions chasing her, one that wants to keep her away from Aquerei and one that wants her there desperately. This sets in motion a quest to save Aquerei and usher in a period of enlightenment both feared and desired.

All in all, this book is another amazingly good read from Cheryl Brooks. Dax is adorable, sexy and vulnerable. Ava is a bit more worldly than Dax but has an innocence and a strength that makes her the perfect heroine. As a whole, the story is funny, endearing and a bit suspenseful as we worry about the groups chasing Ava and what their intentions are. But, always, there are the hot, seriously erotic love scenes that lead to character growth and story advancement. If you've read any of the Cat Star Chronicles, you'll want to add this one to your collection.

Guest - Cheryl Brooks

Good morning! One of our favorites is with us again today - Cheryl Brooks, who writes the amazing series on Cat-Star Chronicles. Cheryl will show us how she uses her imagination and research to create the worlds in her books.

Sourcebooks has offered two copies of Virgin to our readers. Read on to find out how to enter the drawing.


The Power of Research
By Cheryl Brooks

When writing science fiction, I find that I invent more things than I research, although I’m finding it difficult to stay one jump ahead of modern technology. Stuff that’s happening right now would have fallen within the realm of sci-fi just ten years ago. When I was a kid, it was hard enough to find a pay phone. Now it seems like everyone has a phone in their hand, and the things you can do with a cellphone change every day. “There’s an app for that” wasn’t in the general lexicon until very recently, but we’ve certainly latched onto the idea.

As a result, exercising my imagination has become far more important than research, unlike, say the research a historical writer must do. The locations of cities, battles, and where Napoleon spent the night on a certain date don’t matter to me. I do check my science facts, and I’ve made timelines and maps of the various planets as well as their locations within our galaxy, but to become an expert on such things as what women wore beneath their ballgowns during the Regency period is unnecessary.

We’ve all seen enough science fiction classics to make the leap of faith necessary to believe that interstellar travel is possible and can be accomplished in a reasonable period of time, but to attempt to explain the theories involved is pointless when writing a romance. Perhaps the best example of this was Star Wars. Starships, advanced technology, and weird aliens were presented—and therefore accepted—as commonplace, proving that it’s best to wow the audience without the characters having the same reaction or forcing them to explain everything.

When I look into the future, my research often has more to do with the workings of nature than technology. I’ve reviewed the characteristics of various climates and terrains and have studied diagrams of wind currents and ocean breezes. I’ve learned the best conditions for growing avocados—no frost and not much wind. For my next book, The Cat Star Chronicles # 8: Stud, I researched various primitive weapons and how to make them. I may not ever need to make a bow or an arrowhead, but I’ve seen it done and could probably get the hang of it eventually.

In my latest release, Virgin, my hero and heroine travel to the planet Rhylos, which is referred to as the playground of the galaxy. The idea for Damenk, a major city on that world, came as a result of a trip I once took to Las Vegas. Now, I realize that a trip to Vegas might not seem like research, but if you’ve ever been there, you’ll probably agree that it’s a bit like visiting another planet. To create Damenk, I also read up on the power of pheromones and subliminal advertising and then let my imagination run wild.

Virgin introduces a new species to the series, the Aquerei. Their world is covered in water and has very little land, much like the setting of the movie, Waterworld. Since the Aquerei live primarily beneath the sea, I had to revisit my days of being a Jacques Cousteau fan and study the undersea world of nudibranches, mollusks, and anemones. Ocean currents became important. I stood by the salt water aquarium in my dermatologist’s office and took notes on the way anemones moved, their colorations, and the feeling I derived simply from observing them.

I often feel that time spent on research is time subtracted from my writing, but it’s worth it in the end. Besides, you never know when you’ll need to know how to grow an avocado or make an atlatl.

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of an atlatl? Before I did my research on primitive weapons, neither had I.

But I learned.


He’s never met anyone who made him purr…
Starship pilot Dax never encountered a woman he wanted badly enough. Until he met Ava Karon…

And he’ll never give his body without giving his heart…
Dax is happy to take Ava back to her home planet, until he finds out she’s returning to an old boyfriend…

As their journey together turns into a quest neither expected, Ava would give herself to Dax in a heartbeat. Except he doesn’t know the first thing about seducing a woman…

Cheryl Brooks is a critical care nurse by night and a romance writer by day. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America. She is the author of The Cat Star Chronicles series and lives with her husband, two sons, five cats, five horses and one dog in Indiana. For more information, please visit


-- Lynda Again
   As I mentioned earlier, Sourcebooks has offered us two copies of Virgin. How can you get in the drawing? Easy!

Send an email to me at by Friday, June 24

1) Put Dax in the subject line

2) What new species shows up in Virgin for the first time?  ________ 

3) Give me your name and snail mail address.

On Friday, Wookie (my alien kitten) and I will select and announce the winners. Good luck all and have a Blessed Day!

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Guest - Joan Maze

Good morning all! Today's guest if offering some helpful insights into the world of research. I'm sure you'll find it as interesting as I did. Enjoy!

Joan has offered a giveaway of Murder By Mistake to one Star-Crossed Romance reader so make sure you leave a comment.



            Because I love historical novels, particularly those set in Scotland, I decided to try my hand at writing one. At the time I made this decision, I was taking a Viking/Scotland class and remembered something my mother had told me years earlier.

            It seems that, although all of us are of Norwegian descent, my maternal grandfather, who emigrated from Norway, had a Scottish name. This intrigued me, so I sent an email to the instructor and eventually learned his name had a Gaelic counterpart. Did this mean that I had long ago ancestors from before the year 1000? Possibly, as the Vikings invaded Scotland, and other parts of Europe, from 800 to 1000 A.D.

            I took as many classes about Scotland as I could and then, when HHRW announced a class about pirates, I eagerly signed up. That turned out to be a blessing. According to legend, there was a lady pirate by the name of Alfhild on one of those Viking Longboats. Unfortunately, historians never proved this, as the Vikings believed the written word to be evil and therefore did not have a written language.

            Nonetheless, I was delighted with this information. Alfhild, as I happen to know, is a rare name even in Norway. It was also my mother’s first name. So, I began designing my book, starting with the landing of Viking Pirates at Orkney, and created a main character Lars, the son of the captain and one who escapes the ship and makes his new life in Orkney.

            When a suggestion was made by an instructor, I tracked down a copy of The Orkneyinga Saga, a book written in the 1200s, 1258, I believe, and read it. It was there I discovered an earl by the name of Rongvold, which was my grandfather’s first name until he changed it to Walter.

            I’m not done researching. Who knows what will turn up next.

            I’d love to know if any of you have uncovered interesting facts about your family while researching for a book, or, for that matter, any unusual facts.


A dead artist is stalking Mollie Fenwick.  How inconvenient.

Mollie’s new life as a widow is turned upside down when she has a psychic vision of a murder being committed in her new apartment – and it comes true.  She knows she should put her trust in Detective Bartholomew, but she’d not only have to admit to being psychic, she’d be under another man’s control as she was with her husband.  Using her artistic ability, and with the help of her aunt and a former special forces Native American, she tracks down the killer, which puts her in danger, and at odds with the hunky detective. 

When they finally work together, they search for the killer among a gang of thieves and also try to learn the secret of the dead artist.  During their investigation, Mollie learns that keeping secrets can be deadly, and there’s a big difference between caring and controlling.

In this excerpt Mollie is introduced to Jack Wolf, a Native American, ex-special forces, artist and psychic.  Her aunt, Gladys, believing he can help with her visions, arranges for the introduction.  This character was a walk-on and absolutely refused to leave, which puts Mollie in the position of wondering, who should she choose, Bartholomew or Wolf

Knowing Gladys’ penchant for the unusual, I thought I was prepared, but when we walked into Jack Wolf’s studio, I darn near fainted. The man out-intimidated Bartholomew by a mile. Wolf’s black hair was long and loose, Indian style, his short-sleeved white shirt hung open, revealing the bronzed skin of his heritage and a six-pack I simply gaped at. He wore his jean shorts low, and his muscles made it obvious he still worked out regularly. He was tall, maybe six foot three or four, and his eyes were black. The room was lined with shelves containing art supplies, and three easels contained paintings in various stages of completion. The whole scene before me suggested emotions and feelings in a big way. There was also strength, as evidenced not only by the paintings themselves, but by the man.

Gladys stayed in the doorway. “Thanks, Wolf, for helping.” She introduced us and left, while I stood there, wondering if my legs were going to hold me up.

He smiled and said, “Let’s go get something to eat. Then we can talk.”

            I wanted to tell him I wasn’t hungry because it hadn’t been long since I’d eaten, but my throat had dried up and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. Trust him, I said to myself, and followed him out of the studio.

            Wolf’s movements were purposeful, with no waste of motion, muscles rippling as he walked. His truck was a black and silver Ford with all the extras available to man, including a GPS system.

            “This is some truck,” I said. I stared at the height of the rig, wondering how in hell I was going to get up there.

            He looked at me, then at the truck, and before I could say anything, he picked me up and set me on the passenger seat.  Between Wolf and Bartholomew, I was in danger of forgetting how to get in a vehicle on my own.

            I’d expected to be taken to one of those restaurants with disgustingly healthy food. Instead, he picked up a bucket of chicken and took me to a lake I’d never heard of, one with an unpronounceable name. I couldn’t see much of the water because of the trees, but what I did see was very blue, sparkling.

            “Aren’t you afraid of ticks?” I asked when he spread a blanket on the ground near a large oak. 

            He gave me another of those crooked half smiles. “I’ll check you out before we leave.”




This page also includes books that aren’t mine. I have just 3 – Murder By Mistake, Framed In Fear, Murder For Kicks


Barnes & Noble only has Murder By Mistake


I grew up in Chicago, studied voice at Northwestern University, and then moved to Minnesota, where I finished my degree at Metropolitan State University, changing my major to the arts and including anything and everything to help me with my writing. I’ve been writing for years, and use all the arts, music, art and writing, in my books by way of my characters. I joined RWA and then KOD and Lethaladies five years ago and since have succeeded in getting three books published as ebooks. Two are part of my cozy mystery series: Murder By Mistake and Murder For Kicks, and I’m working on the third, Murder By Spook. I credit my recent success to the wonderful members of Lethaladies. Aside from writing, I also enjoy painting, crocheting and singing and being with my two girls, one son and seven grandchildren.


-- Lynda Again
    Fascinating article on research! I haven't done any research that involves my family but admit I can be lost in research for days at a time. I've forgotten to cook and had to be reminded by a hungry child and husband. I've stayed up late until I realized that in just a few short hours I'd have to be up and heading out to the day job. My experience is that research is addictive but a whole lot of fun ;-)

    Don't forget to leave a comment! On Friday, Joan will choose a winner from all the commenters and she'll post the winner's name here. Good luck!

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Review - Heart of the Highland Wolf

Heart of The Highland Wolf
Terry Spear
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
June 2011

Modern highland lairds have to do whatever it takes to keep their lands whole and safe, even if they're the Alpha of a werewolf pack. So Ian MacNeill opens up his castle to a passel of film makers. But one of them is a beautiful red werewolf female and that's troubling. What is she doing alone without any clan to protect her?

Romance writer and female red werewolf, Julia Wildthorn, has two reasons for accompanying the film company to Argent castle. One - to do research for her new book and two - to find an ancient box for her grandfather. She doesn't know what's in the box but it's something her grandfather considers vitally important to their family. Julia is intent on finding it. What she doesn't count on finding is the perfect hero for her book and her life - Ian MacNeill.

As Julia accompanies her friend, Maria, the assistant director for the film company, to a small cottage just outside Argent Castle, they are run off the road by what seems like a series of shotgun blasts. The fog is thick, the weather cold and damp. Worst of all, Julia suspects the accident was no accident at all. When they hear the sound of men moving around in the undergrowth, they quickly make their way back to a pub they'd just passed.

Ian MacNeill and his brother Duncan hear the sounds of an accident ahead of them. Wanting to help, they pull over and look for the car. But when they find it, there's no one there. However, he and Duncan surmise that the occupants were women and, with the weather as it is, they need to be found. They finally locate the two women at the roadside pub and discover that both are female werewolves. Apparently unmated female werewolves. Ian is consternated by the fact that they're alone and that they're working for the film company.

Julia can't believe the man whose picture she's been drooling over is a werewolf or that he's right there in the pub with her. When he and his brother offer them a ride to the cottage they're renting, she's a little nervous because he's so compelling and, in her opinion, is the ideal hero for the book she's writing. Ian, on the other hand, finds her far too attractive and can't believe her clan would let her travel without an escort. He knows there must be something more to her visit than just being an assistant to the assistant director. And he's determined to find out what she's hiding.

Julia has to be careful, she needs to get into Argent castle to search for the box her grandfather believes is so vital to her family. But she can't simply walk in and start searching. And she can't let Ian know who she really is, neither her identity as a werewolf romance author or her true family name which would give away her family history with Argent castle. But as she maneuvers her way around the castle, she finds her attraction and feelings growing for Ian. Then she begins to get threats from someone who appears to be stalking her. Someone who knows who she really is. The threats take on a devastating note when the stalker calls her his promised bride. And that's something neither she nor Ian will allow.

Terry Spear has written another great werewolf story. I know. I say that every time but when it's true, it's true.  Ms Spear writes fantastic action/adventure/romance with a dash of mystery and a whole lot of passion. Her skill at creating empathetic characters and an exciting plot makes her books a joy to read. She is undoubtedly one of the best werewolf romance writers around. And this book is definitely worth a second and third read. I definitely recommend it.

Guest - Terry Spear

Good morning all! Our guest today is Terry Spear who writes wonderfully hunky werewolves with lots of action/adventure and for her newest book, she's gone to Scotland! You don't want to miss this one!

By the way, Sourcebooks has offered a copy oh Heart of the Highland Warrior to two of our readers. Make sure you follow the guidelines to enter. And you can see my review of it here

My Workspace for Writing Hot Werewolves!

I’m supposed to have a workspace???

That wasn’t in my contract, but I think it’s a royally nifty idea. Terry snaps her fingers. “Waiter, bring me a workspace.”

“What exactly do you want in your workspace?” the waiter obligingly asks.

And this is what she/I say…

Incredible hunks at my beck and call. That way I can ask them all kinds of personal questions. You know, like, does a werewolf like sleeping on the right side of the bed or the left. That sort of thing.

I need a bevy of beautiful hunks though, to put me in the right mood.

Highland wolves.


US Navy SEAL wolves.


Colorado silver mining wolves.


Private Eye wolves.


Oh well, you get the point. I need lots and lots of them. Like a wolf pack. For variety. To aid me in my research.

A couple of calendars will do—of Scottish castles and another of wolves.

The Character Naming Guide, so I can look up my next character’s name and know just why he or she has that particular name. Most do mean something important in my stories.

A hot cup of green tea. Served in a wolf mug. If the wolves want one, they’ll have to get their own.

A box of the new mint Oreo cookies, but only after I’ve eaten my meal and when I need energy for the next fight or love scene. I’m pretty stingy about sharing those, too.

A wolf blanket, courtesy of my son, to keep me warm when I’m writing in the dead of winter; the framed picture of my werewolf books, courtesy of my daughter to celebrate that they actually were published!

Oh yes, and of course, the sign that says no interruptions unless you’re bringing me a margarita.

A trip generator that will take me anywhere in the world to the place where I want to set the next story—like, yes, another trip to Scotland! Or one to the Grand Cayman Islands!!! And it would also have to send my wolves with me because without them to aid me in my research (only setting won’t do), where would I be? And then I’d need my laptop, cup of green tea, and box of mint Oreo cookies. And sunscreen for the islands, a rain jacket for Scotland.

Terry taps finger on chin. Then she sits up taller and shakes head. That’s it. Simple really. Oh, except for one other thing. I’m going to need a jaguar shifter hunk or two real soon.

Heart of the Highland Wolf was produced in a work environment that included a desk in a library during lunch breaks, a desk at home only the computer crashed in the middle of writing, a laptop that was …well, you probably guessed it…on my lap in lots of locations in the house. No sense in sitting at the desk at home in front of a dead computer.

But you know, none of that truly is important because when I’m caught up in the world, all that really matters are research books on the subject, Internet research and “being there”—living through the lives of the heroine and hero and the secondary characters as the story progresses. Everything else fades into nonexistence. So anywhere will do.

However, if I could have a werewolf hunk or two…the writing could be even better…or nonexistent if I got too wrapped up in research. *sigh* That could be the downside of having too many wolves about.

What do you all think? Would it work for you?

Terry Spear


Each holds a secret they can’t possibly overcome alone…
Julia Wildthorn is sneaking into Argent Castle to steal an ancient relic, but reluctant laird Ian MacNeill may be the key to unlocking the one answer she really wants discovered…

From brilliant storyteller Terry Spear, modern day werewolves meet the rugged Highlands of Scotland, where instinct meets tradition, and clan loyalties give a whole new meaning to danger…

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth College. An eclectic writer with a PW Best Book of 2008 (Heart of the Wolf), she writes paranormal romance as well as historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information, please visit

-- Lynda Again
    I mentioned earlier, Sourcebooks has offered us two copies of Heart of the Highland Wolf. How can you get in the drawing? Easy! 

Send an email to me at by Friday, June 10

1) Put HOWL in the subject line
2) List two (2) items Terry would like in her workspace. 
3) Give me your name and address

On Friday, Wookie (my alien kitten) and I will select and announce the winner. Good luck all and have a Blessed Day!