Autumn - Hi bertemu lagi dengan saya di tempat berbagi Chord Gitar Indonesia, Pada kesempatan kalini saya akan berbagi Kunci gitar yang berjudul Autumn, saya telah menyediakan lirik lagu lengkap dengan chord gitarnya dari awal lagi sampai akhir lagu. mudah-mudahan isi postingan kunci gitar yang saya tulis ini mudah untuk di pahami oleh kalian dan semoga bermanfaat juga. oke langsung saja ini chord gitar nya.

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Okay, I know at least one member of our little merry band here is experiencing the exact opposite, but bear with me. I happen to love autumn, so I thought I'd go ahead and blog about it. Especially since I had a blog post that got eaten when my poor computer suffered CHuDD - Catastrophic Hard Drive Death. I spent much of my weekend frantically backing up files, and in some cases, only thinking I'd backed 'em up. Yes I suck sometimes, and I have only myself to blame. But the other parts of the weekend, I spent outside (doing hard labor building an Irish wall over the culvert under my driveway, but it was still fun), and I couldn't help but let my mind wander between plot points into the dreamy realm of how much I love fall.

The veil between the worlds is thin at this time, and you don't have to be a Wiccan to sense it. There's something about the harvest, the shortening of days, the thinning of the sunlight, that gives character to the shadows. The textures of the leaves as they fall from the trees, and the way the earth seems to burst into flame with vivid reds, oranges, yellows, and golds in leaves and late-season squashes just amazes me. The way the tiny plants I put out in the spring have matured into broad-leaved, vegetable-bearing full-grown harvest plants astounds me--how could something so little grow so fast?

I ask the same thing when I look at the little weeds I planted. And by weeds, I mean kids. How in the world do those pants that flopped around their ankles, dragging through the mud in the spring now look like shorts? Or as Mr. Xandra calls them, "man-pris" (man+capri=man-pri. Yeah, I know). When did the turtlenecks become belly-shirts? And for the record, I am not dressing either of my kids like Britney Spears, they just seem to do their growing before the season-end sales at Old Navy.

Fall reminds me that time passes. And passing time means I'd better get back to busting pumpkins on that WIP of mine...

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3 Responses to "Autumn"

Lynda K. Scott said...

Xandra, hugs on that computer crash! Hope everything is back to normal.

I'm not a huge fan of autumn though I adore the way the colors come out and the sound of rustling leaves crunching underfoot. The reason I don't rate autumn very high is that it inevitably leads to winter, LOL, and winter with its ice and snow is my least favorite season.

Great post! And love the idea of man-pris! Gonna use it in a story?

Skylar Masey said...


You have my condolences on the HD crash! I hope you've managed to piece everything back together.

Fall is my favorite season! Not only are the leaves changing, but the sunsets are even richer in color. I'd thought the drought this year would've quickened the foliage change, but it's still going slow.

One of my other faves about the season are that I get to snuggle up in my sweaters (and jeans)! And then there's my favorite fuzzy Care Bear PJs. :0)

Two Voices Publishing said...

Sorry about the crash, Xandra. I love autumn too. I love the colors and the leaves. I even like raking them! [To an extent] I always feel energized when the weather starts getting cooler.