Romance and Roses

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Romance and Roses

ah...romance. Valentines Day. The day of Romance and roses and chocolates... Well, for those with partners, husbands and boyfriends - maybe! For the little ol' spinister like me at the moment, it's just...well, heck, when I looked at my roster last night at work, it looks like it's me and the patients and a busy night! LOL

But to get back to the crux of the matter - Valentine's Day. What a lovely thought, to be able to lavish or show by a sweet gesture just how much your loved one means to you. (hey, I could give my cats a treat for dinner LOL).

And this brings me to love. Love in books. How do we put across the tender/burning feelings in our romances without making it looked rushed and tawdry? The build up is like most relationships...the meeting (be it good or antagonistic), the getting to know each other (however bumpy the road) and finally the awareness of feelings towards the target that is more than you'd give a brick fence.

This couple may be in love!

Bringing together two characters isn't always easy, especially if there are obstacles between them that seem insurmountable. Such as death, shape shifting, futuristic, time travel, fantasy... There are so many things that can and do go wrong, but at the same time, it gives us the challenge to create romance in even the most dubious settings.

It's a challenge that can be so interesting and entertaining all at once!

Ultimately, romances have Happy Ever Afters, so we know that our characters will end up in love, but the ride there can be wild, funny, hot, frustrataing and anything else we decide to put in front of them.

But in the end, love wins out over all obstacles, and that's what we want.

And you know, in a world like today, romance is so special. So show your loved one how much you love them...pick a rose, whisper in their ear how much you love them, and present them with the token of love.

Then help them eat the choclate - after all, love is sharing, right? LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!

Angela Verdenius

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3 Responses to "Romance and Roses"

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, my hubby and I share a, erm, addiction to dark chocolate. We're more than willing to share...right up to the last piece. Then it's a no-holds bar fight to the death to see who gets the last one :D

Savanna Kougar said...

What a lovely way of expressing your thoughts about valentine's day and how the peopel fall in love during our novels. Just beautiful. From another unwilling, but that's the way it is, spinster.

Angela Verdenius said...

LOL - being a spinster isn't so bad, hey? We get to choose what to watch, eat and do! Sharing is nice, but the cats aren't allowed my chocolate, so....