Guest - Linda Wisdom

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Guest - Linda Wisdom

Good morning everyone! Today we have my friend, Linda Wisdom, visiting with us. Linda has been one of my favorite authors for...well, a bunch of years now. Linda used to write contemporary romance and she was very good at it but she's really found her calling with her new paranormal romance. Linda's witchy series and her Jazz and crew are lively and amusing and just the sort of, um, witchy people you wouldn't mind having as friends (especially Nick who's just yummy :-D ). You can read my review for Hex Appeal from earlier this month. She lives in California with her husband, mother, a tortoise and Bogie, her cute little puppy pal who has a role in one of her future books.

Linda is offering a prize so read all the way to the end to see what you need to do to be eligible. Enjoy!


A Witchy Recipe

Take one snarky witch, add a cup of sexy vampire, a tablespoon of disgruntled ghost and add a dash of troublesome bunny slippers and you have a recipe for magick disaster. Or maybe not. After all, we are talking Jazz Tremaine, curse eliminator, 700 year young witch and attitude with a capital A.

Jazz is used to multi-tasking. She has a successful curse eliminating business – especially since LA is filled with a variety of curses -- and working as a driver for Dweezil, a creature who can make Scrooge look like a philanthropist.

But her world is shaken up – again. It was bad enough when a past evil intruded into her life again and she had to work hard on getting rid of all it meant. No, this time, it’s struck even closer to home. Namely, Jazz isn’t getting any quality sleep and a sleep-deprived witch is a cranky witch.

It’s not so much that Jazz is missing sleep, she’s have terrorizing nightmares to boot. But then, who wouldn’t be freaked out if the nightmare involved your vampire lover tearing your throat out? Add to that Fluff and Puff accused of eating a Wereweasel carnie and now incarcerated in bunny slipper jail, Irma wanting Jazz to find a way to give her an updated look and Dweezil demanding his share of her time.

The only good thing is Jazz’s latest order of bath products and a pair of sexy crocodile stilettos named Croc and Delilah from fellow witch Thea. It’s just a shame they like to get into her make up.

Jazz is in a stew of magick problems that could easily overflow her cauldron. Especially when a dash of a sexy female vampire who was Nick’s ex is tossed in for some bitter flavoring and Jazz ends up with the worst 48 hours of her life that no witch should endure.

The problem is figuring out what ingredients will work for this witchy stew and which ones are outdated and need to be tossed out.

Who’s behind her nightmares? Who wants to unsettle Nick so badly with nightmares of his own that he might abandon her? Who’s setting up booby traps that go off every time she tries to track down the source and did Fluff and Puff really eat a Wereweasel even if there’s no way the bunny slippers would eat something that disgusting?

It’s all answered in Hex Appeal, which is out now and book two of my Hex series.

Hex Appeal and the first book, 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, is out now at Target and major bookstores.

Also, a copy of Hex Appeal will be given out to a lucky commenter!

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17 Responses to "Guest - Linda Wisdom"

EilisFlynn said...

HI, Linda! I LOVE your series! How did you come about to write it?

Pamk said...

shoot I new I was forgetting a book last night when I put my amazon order in. I want to start these books. THey sound great.

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi ellisflynn!

I have to say that Jazz popped into my head and told me to write her story. I knew I wanted a fun and snarky witch that had been around for 700+ years and she pretty much took it from there.

This is a series I'm having so much fun writing!


Linda Wisdom said...

LOl PamK

Sounds like me. But you can find both books in Target. :}


Anonymous said...

please enter me, and yes im stalking you today lol

Linda Wisdom said...

LOL! Witches are welcome.


Tabitha Shay said...

Hey Linda,
I love your witchy cute and your books...woo hoo, both you and the cover rock!!!...You go girl!!!...Tabs

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Tabs!!!

We witchy authors have to stick together, don't we?


Frances said...

Linda, love your blog, and the witchy plots rock. Thanks.

Impkatt said...

Read them both in an afternoon. I have not laughed that much in a very long time. Kudos, Linda!! So, what's next? *Inquiring minds want to know*

Nightingale said...

I absolutely love the title of both, but Hex Appeal is wonderful. Very much enjoyed your recipe.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Frances!


Linda Wisdom said...

I'm glad I made you laugh, impkatt! The third book features Stasi, Jazz's witchy friend and a sexy wizard atty along with some surprises in Moonstone Lake. Jazz, Nick, Kreb, Irma and Fluff and Puff -- natch -- will also show up.

And the fourth book will feature Blair.


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Nightingale. One of the few ways I enjoy cooking too.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Oh, Staci's book is very good! (I've had sneak peeks--can we say lucky gal? LOL) This is a great series! It's just too darn bad they're not coming out every month :-D

Linda Wisdom said...

You'd get tired of them if they were out every month, Lynda. And I'd be one really tired puppy keeping up with that pace!


Savanna Kougar said...

Linda, late to your witchy party --and love your witchy recipe. That is too darn paranormal cute!
This is a great series.