Decisions, Decisions

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Decisions, Decisions

As a writer I have gotten used to the hurry up and wait game...well almost. Let's just say now I'm clearer on how things work since I've been in the circles a fairly long time, compared to a newbie. But that still doesn't mean I like to wait...and I think (and have been told) I'm a fairly patient person :0)

Another peeve of mine in the writer's life is making decisions. I can't recall how many times I have to make career altering decisions. Not only what characters to create that I love and that may seem marketable, before I invest lots of time writing the manuscript. Then there's the work of selecting agents and editors to query (though the list of editors is growing slimmer without an agent). Then authors also have to decide how to market themselves, how to market their book, and pick those keepsake favors they want everyone to use to remember they've got a book available for purchase. The daily list goes on and on. Now I've discovered another variety of decisions...those of a wedding.

Just like a novel, you have to choose the setting, which should coincidentally convey your theme. Which is also something you have to conjure, yet the style must be something you both like. Then you have to get people to join forces as part of the bridal party, just like those writing buddies we turn to for venting about those rejections. There is music to pick, not unlike what you'd want your theme song to be in a movie, or what you listen to to get you in the mood for a certain scene. You have to choose food, not unlike that special meal your hero and heroine will enjoy and/or fuss over. Who knew cake could be so complex, and yet scrumptious...unless it's smeared over your face. (Which would just make me steamed!) Then there are invitations, and save-the-date cards, to be sent out like mailers to announce the news of the grand event. And don't dare forget the sea of secondary characters to move around, and sometimes appease with pats on the hand.

Just as your leading man must be dapper, the same goes for the groom. Of course, if he looks like James Bond then the other groomsmen must too. (And I've found sometimes Carolina Blue just won't do.) The women's hair must be coiffed in a way that makes them look becoming, and not like they've just run away from pure Evil. They must also be dressed to the nines in a color that brings out their eyes, plays up their skin, isn't too revealing, yet makes them not look wholesome. That's just the bridesmaids...who sometimes like to steal the show, just like the character you created that you didn't really mean to make so good, yet everyone loves :0)

And then...there's the DRESS! Who knew there were as many kinds of lace/material combos as their are fonts these days? Heck picking out a bridal gown...not a dress I've been told, is like picking out that outfit your heroine is going to knock the hero's socks off with. (I've been told after seeing the dress I'm eyeing that my dear fiance may need to be fanned back to consciousness.) I've tried on about a dozen, and been given kudos for knowing what I want. (I just wish I could be that cut and dry on the page. Sometimes I tend to go on, but I have gotten better about self-editing.) Anyhow, today marks a huge decision.

One dress or the other? One is a total Cinderella ball gown complete with sparkles and a price tag to match at $1000 (and that's with a sale's discount). The other is form fitting, elegantly embroidered enough to cost twice that, and yet because it's take "as is" I can get this Ever After frock for a steal--$400. But comes embellished with hearts and stars to boot. What paranormal romance writer wouldn't go ga ga for that? Plus it's tasteful with a hint of cleavage. Like any kicking outfit should do, the gown accentuates all my hard work (exactly as any chic suit I'd wear to an editor/agent appointment should do). But just like in that room, time is ticking. I have one day to make this momentous decision that will linger in my memories, as well as all the attendees FOREVER. Talk about stress...I guess this is what it feels like to hit the Bestsellers list and then wonder what's next, while hoping the good vibe lingers.

Perhaps what I really should worry about is if I'll trip descending stairs that amount to the grand staircase at a palace, though this is merely a castle. Just think, if I don't break anything, the spill could foster a great comedic moment...especially if I use it as fodder for a book! Believe me when I say, "Stranger things have happened."

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Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, Skylar, you forgot the moms's dreses! They can't be too similar, shouldn't be the same color, must accentuate their own style, can't cost too much, etc, etc.

As for yours, from the description I'd be partial to the one with stars and hearts but the question is...which makes you feel beautiful? That's the one to get.