Guest - Anne Kane

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Guest - Anne Kane

Good morning, everyone! Are you going away on vacation this summer? No? Well, today's author has a book that sounds perfect for the old 'staycation'. And she's offering a PDF copy of her book, Stargazers 3:Wild, to one lucky reader so read all the way to the bottom to see how you could win. -- Lynda

How much of Science Fiction is Fiction?

I write romance, but it’s rarely set in contemporary times. As my tag line proclaims, I write science-fiction and fantasy with a sensual twist.

As I sat here, wondering what I should blog about, the term Science Fiction rolled around in my head. Science is generally though to be a method of proving natural laws by observation and careful testing. In other words, Science deals with known things that can be measured and quantified. Fiction on the other hand is entirely a product of the author’s imagination and can be as unlikely as the writer wants it to be.

When we combine the two terms, we come up with Science Fiction. The Encyclopedia Britannica defines science fiction as:

Fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals, or more generally, literary fantasy including a scientific factor as an essential orienting component.

Personally, I feel that science fiction combines what is known with what I imagine could become reality at some point in the future. Travel to Mars, or Uranus, or another galaxy may not be a fact right now, but some day, I believe it be as common as plane travel is today.

When I write, I try to keep the universes I build believable. I need to create a feeling that this could happen, that this is a reasonable extrapolation of current trends”. In my Stargazers series, I’ve combined interstellar travel, which I believe will some day be a reality, with a group of women who have special talents. Those talents are based upon a belief in ley lines and other ancient practices that may or may not be based in fact. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I convince the reader that the concept is plausible.

And therein lays the challenge; to take the fiction that I create and blend it with a scientific basis in order to entertain. If in the process, I can get people to look beyond our earth-based society and dream of a life among the stars, so much the better!

Anne Kane
Sci –Fi and Fantasy with a sensual twist!


Series: Stargazers
Title: Wild
ISBN (13): 978-1-60521-181-7
Genres: Futuristic, Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Themes: Magic and Mayhem
Release Date: July 10, 2009
Author: Anne Kane
Publisher URL Changeling Press - Erotic Fiction

Stargazers 3:Wild·
Unfairly sold into slavery, Stargazer Anaya plans her escape carefully, stowing away in a ship belonging to the cynical bounty hunter, Ryland. She just needs to avoid detection until the ship docks at the next port of call.

When Ryland discovers the beauty, he assumes she's a runaway sex slave and offers her a choice: be returned to her master or stay and serve his every desire.

Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy Jack Russell terrier, a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. By day, she’s a respectable bean counter, but after hours her imagination soars and she writes romances that span the galaxy and encompass beings of all sizes, shapes and origins. She first started telling stories as a child and she just can’t seem to stop.

Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, swimming, skating, karate, playing guitar, singing and of course, reading.

You can visit Anne at her website:
Her blog:
Or Friend her on Facebook
Or Twitter


Hi, Lynda again. Anne will choose one blog commenter to win a free copy of her book, Stargazers 3:Wild But you have to leave your comment by Wednesday night and check back to see if you've won. Anne will post the winner's name and give the details on how to collect your prize. Good luck all!

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11 Responses to "Guest - Anne Kane"

Karin said...

I was once told that Science Fiction written before 1942 in no longer considered Sciece Fiction. Buck Rodgers is real!!!
Maybe one day your books will be real also. Keep up the great imagination.

Anne Kane said...

Thank you, Karen. I love the reference to Buck Rodgers. His space shuttle is indeed real these days. Thanks for stopping by!

Pamk said...

sounds like a great read. I would love to win this one count me in. But if this is three what are 1and 2 about lol. Now you know I will have to go check those out.

RubyD said...

My father read science fiction stories when they were published in pulp fiction magazines (Amazing Stories). I read all of them when he finished with them. That was about 60 years ago, and I've been reading science fiction ever since.
It is interesting that so many of the things that were in the books are now commonly used.

Loretta said...

Stargazers 3:Wild sounds like it would be a great read. I love to read Sci-fi,futuristic and paranorma reads. Will have to go check out your website and see what other books you have.

J K Maze said...

This sounds like a winner. I love to be taken far away during my armchair travels. I'd love to read this book. Of course, that now means I'm going to buy 1 and 2.

Joan K. Maze

Anne Kane said...

Not easy to fool readers, is it. If I promote book 3,everyone wants to know about books 1 and 2.

When book one came out, everyone asked when the next would be here.LOL

conb00 said...

Hi Anne, I snuck over here and had to say Hi to ya! your books a GREAT! thanks for the chance to Win!!!

Anne Kane said...

Well, I waited to let any latecomers enter, so now,without any further delays, the winnere is.....................................conb00!!


If you drop me an e-mail me at, I'll send you the book.

conb00 said...

YAY!! I won!! doing a happy dance!! I'm going to give you my email Anne because I tried a few times to send ya one and I don't know what I'm doing wrong,it comes back to me failure notice. here it is c(DOT)barkowski(at)yahoo(dot)com thanks so much!! I LOVE your books

Lynda K. Scott said...

Anne, thanks for being with us this week! Everyone who's said it is right. Your books sound terrific!