Alpha or Beta?

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Alpha or Beta?

Alpha or Beta has long been a discussion in writers and readers circles. I found myself pondering what kind of man I needed on the way home when my car started to go crazy like it was possesssed.

While I love Alpha's take charge spirit, there is often a huge air of arrogance. Though some writers are talented enough to push the envlope without him being so pompous. But atleast when you're in a pinch, you know your Alpha will be able to handle anything that comes up, or atleast make someone else jump into action.

On the other hand Beta's would think about the issue, reason what the best way to handle it would be and possibly even ask for help. I don't think there's anything wrong with a guy asking for help...especially if it's directions. Sometimes you just have to admit you don't know everything, though mid-crisis might not be the best time to find out your guy isn't "super man".

What do you find more appealing? A man who will whisk you away or one who'll sit and stay a while?

Care to know what I have in my knight in shining armour...aka my hubby? He's definitely Beta. When I made it home, he told me to describe the problem while he nodded knowingly, went out to try to crank the car, grabbed his tools, took the battery out of the car and hooked it up to charge, then went online to search for the cheapest place to find a replacement as Plan B.

Then he turned partially Alpha as he gave me a kiss and nudged me toward the kitchen to cook dinner :0) Sometimes he knows when to take charge, which means I get the best of both types...except when it comes to directions. Thankfully he has a GPS on his phone so I don't have to plead for him to stop wasting time going in circles.

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4 Responses to "Alpha or Beta?"

Lynda K. Scott said...

LOL, great post, Skylar! And your hubby sounds adorable :-)

As to alpha or beta, there's another category of hero that some authors use. Gamma. The gamma man is supposedly a mix of the alpha and the beta which combines the best of each. Your hubby (and mine) probably are gammas. Ad that's a very good thing :-)

Rebecca Lynn said...

I love them all! :-)

But if pressed, I think I prefer the Beta, in real life. While the excitement of a real alpha is palpable, my dating experience is that they don't make good partners for me. I need someone who can sit and stay awhile.

Great post!

Pauline B Jones said...

Not sure I could live with an alpha, though mine is prob Gamma, too. Have to consider more about what kind of guys I write.

sunandshadow said...

I think Alpha as a category gets kind of blurred because aggressive loners tend to be included in that category, while in biology Alphas technically must be leaders - the definition of an Alpha is that others follow his orders.

I don't think Betas are specifically logical either - a beta could just as easily be an emotional type who wants to solve problems with hugs and encouraging others to do their best.

Then, there's a sad lack of Omega heroes, submissives. They're often adorable in gay romance, but I'm not sure I've ever even seen a dominant woman/submissive man romance novel. I know a lot of the big companies just wouldn't publish that, but you'd think there would be some ebooks...

Overall, my personal favorite dynamic is when an assertive heroine doesn't let an alpha male push her around. Alphas have a disgusting tendency to think they know better than everyone else even when it comes to the heroine's personal needs and wants. I like a hero who can outthink and out-power the villain, but the minute he forces the heroine to do something against her will he loses any attractiveness to me and I start wishing _she_ would kick _his_ ass.