Review - A Certain Wolfish Charm

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Review - A Certain Wolfish Charm

A Certain Wolfish Charm
Lynda Dare
Sourcebooks, Inc

Lily Rutledge is at her wit’s end. Her nephew, Oliver York, is changing into someone she simply doesn’t recognize. It could be that he’s simply becoming a man but how would she, his spinster aunt, know? She dearly loves her nephew but she has no experience dealing with a growing boy. Oliver, she decides, needs the guidance of a man. The most likely man would be his guardian, the Duke of Blackmoor, Simon Westfield, one of England’s most notorious rakes. Nevertheless, Lily goes in search of the duke intent on making him perform his responsibilities toward her nephew.

Simon long since decided to never marry. He didn’t want the same disastrous marriage his best friend and cousin, Daniel York, endured until his death several years earlier. He never dabbled with a gently bred woman who would expect marriage. Instead, he contented himself with a affairs and dalliances with various women whose expectations were not so lofty. But, during the light of the full moon, he heads toward the safety and isolation of his ancestral home, Westfield Hall. This full moon was no exception. What was exceptional, however, was the lovely Lily Rutledge lying in wait for him.

Lily had never met a man so tall, so strong, so utterly handsome as Simon Westfield. Or one so outrageously insensitive to the problems of his ward. When he thrusts her back into her carriage and orders her driver to take her home, she’s furious. As she makes her way back to Essex, though, she finds herself grateful when Simon rescues her from the unwanted advances she encounters in a inn. That he, and his brother Will, have followed her on horseback, is amazing. Even more amazing is that he insists she return to his home and that he will send for Oliver.

That is the start of a tension packed romance between Lily and Simon. Lydia Dare has captured the feel and the flavor of a Regency novel and populated it with all the recognizable elements we’ve come to expect. But the similarity stops there. Simon, his brothers, and Oliver are shapeshifters who take the form of a wolf under the light of the full moon. Ms Dare has created quite an interesting world around these shapeshifters complete with their own customs and history.

Of more importance, though, is the romance. Ms Dare has created a sizzling hot, sensual almost to the point of eroticism, romance that is impossible to put down. This is S-E-X at its wildest with a completely dominant alpha male that every reader will want for her own. You don’t want to miss it.

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2 Responses to "Review - A Certain Wolfish Charm"

Beth Caudill said...

Great review. I love this book - and it's sequel. I really can't wait for the third book. I want to see Will get what's coming to him.

Lynda K. Scott said...

Me too, Beth! I've read all three and they're each definitely re-readable! (To be a re-read is my highest rating; only the best will get it :-) )