Review - How To Worship A Goddess

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Review - How To Worship A Goddess

How To Worship A Goddess
Stephanie Julian
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
December 2011

Lucy Aster, a once powerful Etruscan Goddess of the Moon, spends her time like many other mortals, cleaning clogged drains, watching hockey games, or singing in her bar. Though she still has worshippers, the Lucani who came with her to the new world several hundred years earlier, she knows they don't need her the way they once did. She feels obsolete and, worse, alone. But her passion for watching the local hockey team helps salve some of her loneliness...mainly because of one big, tough, thoroughly handsome player, Brandon Stevenson.

Brand is 35 and doesn't recuperate from the hits and injuries as quickly as he once had. He's  nearing the end of his professional hockey career with nothing to look forward to, no wife or kids, nothing to do when he hangs up his skates. The only thing that he looks forward to is a glimpse of a etherially beautiful woman who always comes to the home games. He doesn't her but he wants to. He finds her name, Lucy Aster, from the season ticket holder list but her address is fake. That doesn't stop him. He's determined to find her. When he does, Lucy poses as much a mystery as she ever did. And so do the people surrounding her.

Two thousand years ago, Lucy have a small Etruscan village the power to transform into wolves. The remnants of that village are still faithful and still worship her even though Lucy fears she no longer deserves it. She has her sons, Ty and Caeles, who pretty much run the bar but feels that she needs more. When Brandon appears in her bar, it's as if fate has brought him there. She doesn't know why she's so attracted to him but she's done fighting it.

Brand had always had a problem with keeping his temper and used his natural aggression as a tool when he's on the ice. When he walks into her bar, he's just in time to hear Lucy sing for the patrons. Her voice is as beautiful as she is and Brand is captivated. But when Lucy finishes her set and approaches him, he's at a loss. Talking to her is easier than he expected but talking isn't what either of them want. Before long, Lucy leads him upstairs to her apartment above the bar.

Neither of them realize that Charun, the God of the Underworld, is after the power that Lucy still has. He sends his demons to capture her but Brand saves her. Unfortunately that doesn't stop the demons. They take her adopted son Caeles instead. Lucy is devastated. She wants to give herself up to Charun if it will save Caeles. Brand, however, is willing to fight anyone or anything to save the woman he loves. The question is what can a mere mortal do to fight an ancient god? 

Though this is the second book of the series, it isn't necessary to read the first book to understand what's going on (you'll want to read it eventually because it's a good book too). The characters are wonderfully written, both at the 'ends' of their 'careers' and both looking for something else. Ordinarilly, I'd say that would make them too needy but not so. Lucy, even though her powers are fading, is a strong heroine, whose past leads her to take care of those who follow her. Brandon shows her that she doesn't have to be alone or take care of everyone around her. He can help her and does.

The romance between these two is hot and sensuous and the plot is full of twists and turns that keep you reading. All in all, a fine read and definitely worth a second read just to make sure you didn't miss anything the first pass through.

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