Review - A Demon Does It Better

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Review - A Demon Does It Better

A Demon Does It Better
Linda Wisdom
Sourcebooks, Casablanca
January 2012

A vulture perched outside the Crying Souls Hospital screeches, "You're all going to die!" But Dr. Liliana Carter, witch-healer extraordinaire, just sneers, "You wish."

This second book, in Linda Wisdom's Demon series, is just as witty and fun as all Linda's books. But it does have a darker edge threading through the plot. Dr. Lili hasn't admitted that her return to the hospital where she'd worked years earlier is a desperate search for a missing friend. This friend had worked at Crying Souls but simply vanished one day while working in the hospital.  

While most of the hospital is shiny and modern, when Lili enters the psychiatric ward (in the dungeon like lower level), she is shocked by the poor physical conditions and the cruel care of the staff. But the treatment given to Patient 1172 is even more unsettling. The ward physician, Dr. Mortimer, who committed Patient 1172, has medieval ideas on how to treat mental problems. Dr Lili is aghast but knows that the ego-driven Mortimer must be handled carefully.

Lili's shock is even greater when she discovers that Patient 1172 is Jared, a devastatingly handsome demon she'd met while shopping with her feline cohort, Cleo. How he could be incarcerated in the hospital, chained with iron shackles, and still wander free in the witchy community arouses every bit of curiosity and healing compassion she holds. 

It soon becomes clear that her missing friend and the medieval treatment in the psychiatric dungeon are somehow related. Lili and Jared set out to discover the secrets hidden in the dungeon but the dangers of discovery begin to mount. While Jared visits her outside the hospital, they uncover more than they expect when they discover their mutual attraction turning into a smoldering love affair. But will they be able to solve the mystery before it's too late? And will Lili be able to help Jared return to a normal life?

In my opinion, Jared is one of the best characters Wisdom has created. Chained in the dungeon, the reader can empathize with his fear and rage but when he's free? Whoa, Mama! Charming doesn't half describe him and the reader will certainly agree with me. Then there's Lili who as a healer and a witch doesn't give up on her patients – or her lover. She even tries to help a lost ghostling child find its mother...and the fact that the reader will probably get damp eyes when the little ghost finally is reunited with her mother shows that even the minor characters in this book are superbly well-drawn.

Linda Wisdom has a real winner in A Demon Does It Better. This book has it all – humor, wit, romance, danger and mystery. Fast paced, it draws you in from the first screech of the vulture to the last humorous screech. The reader will want to go through it a second and third time just to savor the plot, the characters and the romance. I certainly did.

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