Guest - Cheryl Brooks 9 Lives Book Blogger Hop

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Guest - Cheryl Brooks 9 Lives Book Blogger Hop

Good morning! We have the delightful Cheryl Brooks visiting us today. But first I have to let you know that we're part of the 9 Lives Book Blogger Hop in honor of her 9th book, WILDCAT, in this fabulous series. Here at Star-Crossed Romance, we're celebrating WARRIOR, book #2. (Click on the titles to see my reviews) Check below to see how you can enter the drawing for a free copy of Warrior!

1.       Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?
CB: Ideas come from everywhere. Some are related to specific events and experiences while others are the culmination of being on the planet for fifty-plus years. I glean information from friends, family, books, movies, magazines, the Internet, and from eavesdropping on the occasional conversation.

2.       What do you like to do when you're not writing?
CB: I recently resigned my nursing position to allow more time for my writing, and I continue to enjoy music, cooking, and gardening. I’m down to two horses, both of whom are enjoying their retirement. I don’t ride much anymore, but I still like to hang out at the barn.

3.       What does your family think of your writing?
CB: Although they seldom read my work, they’re very supportive. However, it took speaking at the Indianapolis Star Trek convention to get my husband and eldest son to attend a writing-related event!

4.       Tell us a little bit about the Cat Star Chronicles, and what made book 2, Warrior, special to you!
CB: Back when I first began writing, there was science fiction and there was romance. I combined the two and came up with this series. Also, I wanted strong, independent heroines rather than simpering misses, and preferred likable heroes to arrogant alpha males. Warrior was special because I was able to incorporate my interest in animals and herbal medicine into the story.

5.       What do you think makes a good story?
CB: The characters come first. If you don’t care what happens to the characters, there’s no point in reading about them. An imaginative plot is essential, but it has to be believable within the context of the genre. Nothing will yank me out of a story quicker than something I consider to be impossible.

6.       What do you enjoy most about writing?
CB: I enjoy giving free rein to my imagination, but most of all, I love it when the pieces fall into place, even though I didn’t plan it that way.

7.       What do you enjoy most about life?
CB: Family, friends, nature, and tea.

8.       Where do you start when writing? Research, plotting, outline, or...?
CB: I start with an idea for the meeting between hero and heroine, give them a mystery to solve or send them on a quest, and then let the story play out. The happily ever after is a given. Discovering what occurs between the first scene and the last is the fun part.

9.       What have you learned from writing the Cat Star Chronicles Series?
CB: I’ve learned to be a better writer and a more observant human being.

10.   If you could give the younger version of yourself advice what would it be?
CB: I would tell myself to join the Romance Writers of America (the national organization and my local Indiana chapter) much sooner. I’m a better writer today because of what I’ve learned from them.

11.   What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?
CB: I want readers to feel the emotions—the laughter and the tears, as well as the passion.

12.   Would you leave us with a short excerpt from the 9th book in the series, Wildcat?
CB: This scene from Chapter 14 gives an overview of the tragedy at the heart of the series.

Jerden took a deep breath and blew it out slowly as though trying to control his temper or some other emotion. “I thought we’d gotten past this. Look, I can understand you being nervous, but please, just stay here and talk to me—about anything. I only want to be with you and hold you if you’ll let me. You make me feel whole again.” He paused, frowning. “In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt whole—or grounded. Not for a very long time. I’ve been… adrift.”

His gaze met hers; the glow from his vertical pupils was more apparent in the dim indoor light. He looked so alien with his upswept brows and pointed ears, and yet his expression was so intensely human.

“You left your homeworld by choice. Mine was blown to bits along with all of my family. I haven’t had a real home since.” His eyes swept the room. “Nothing like this. It’s no wonder I wound up in a brothel on Rhylos. And then Audrey was murdered because of what I am. I’m sorry if it sounds selfish, but I need you, Sara. Most of all, I need you to understand.”

She could’ve sworn there were tears in his eyes—or were those her own tears clouding her vision? Nodding, she sank down in the chair he’d offered, her gaze locked on his. “Go ahead. I’m listening.”

He blinked, and yes, there really were tears. She could see them glistening at the corners of his eyes. “Our enemies had been very thorough. There was no way off the planet. We could see the asteroid heading straight for our world, and there wasn’t a damned thing we could do to stop it.

“Then a ship landed, and my parents made sure I got on it. I was five years old and the only child they had left. I was screaming my head off when they handed me over. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t come with me. There wasn’t room for them—I realized that later, but at the time…”

He paused, shaking his head. “Then the ship lifted off and left orbit just before the asteroid hit. Some of us were only babies, but the rest of us were watching the viewscreen and saw it happen.” His voice dropped to a whisper. “Our entire planet was gone in a matter of seconds. I’ll never forget the screams of those children until my dying day.”

He brushed away the tears. “Later on, we were told that Rutger Grekkor, the husband of our rescuer, was responsible for the war against our kind. Amelyana had taken a Zetithian lover, and Grekkor, a very rich, powerful, and insanely jealous man, had retaliated by attempting to kill all of us. She stole one of his ships and did what she could to save as many children as possible.

“We spent the next twenty-five years in space, waiting until she deemed it safe to land. It wasn’t until Grekkor was killed and the bounty was no longer being paid on any survivors that we came to Terra Minor. Grekkor’s assets were then divided among the remaining Zetithians. We went from penniless to rich almost overnight.

“Some of us settled here. My friends Tarq and Onca and I decided to pool our funds and open a brothel on Rhylos. We’d been trapped on that ship for so long… I guess we were all a little nuts. Anyway, we made a fortune, but then Audrey was killed—and you know what that did to me. I came here to live and try to forget and maybe get back to normal.” He sighed. “I’m not quite there yet—if I even know what normal is. Anyway, that’s my story. When you’re ready to tell yours, I’ll be here to listen.”

Sara sat gazing at him, trying to imagine the depths of his pain. The darkness in her own past was nothing compared to what had happened to him. Nothing, and yet she still couldn’t find the words to tell him about it. She had never been able to speak of it—to anyone.

As if he read her thoughts, he went on, “And don’t be thinking that what happened to you seems trifling compared to my history. Nothing hurt me. Not directly. I suffered no injuries—emotional trauma, yes, but nothing physical. I believe it was different for you, and therefore even more devastating—more critical to your life and who you are. When you do decide to tell me, don’t make light of it, Sara, and don’t compare your pain to mine or anyone else’s. Believe me, it won’t do any good. All that matters is how it affected you.”

The only time Sara had initiated physical contact with a man was when Jerden had been lying unconscious in her bed. If she was ever going to do it with a conscious man, the time was now. Getting to her feet, she held out her arms.

And he walked right into them.

Follow Along the 9 Lives Book Blogger Hop!
Each blog will feature a different book in the Cat Star Chronicles series, culminating on Cheryl’s blog with a giveaway extravaganza!

2/1 Night Owl Reviews: SLAVE
2/4 Star-Crossed Romance: WARRIOR
2/12 Romance at Random: OUTCAST
2/13 Fresh Fiction: FUGITIVE
2/27 Love Romance Passion: WILDCAT
2/28 Cheryl Brooks Erotic Blogspot: Grand Prize Giveaway!
Friendly Warning-Cheryl’s blog is NOT for the faint of heart—she didn’t call it erotic for nothing! J


Only One Woman Can Tame Him…
When horse breeder Sara Shield encounters Jerden Morokovitz riding naked and bareback, she's stunned by the magnificence of both man and stallion. But Sara came to Terra Minor hoping to get away from men.

If She Can Give Up Her Fear...
The murder of Jerden's lover by a deranged woman has left this former star attraction of the Zetithian Palace brothel shattered in mind and body. Jerden is sure that Sara can heal his anguish—but not unless he can find the key to her heart.

Praise for Wildcat:
“Scorching hot... a book that keeps you turning pages...” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Brooks gives Jerden and Sara over two hundred pages to become real, believable, and important to the reader before their relationship evolves into a highly erotic sexual one.” —Booklist

Cheryl Brooks is the award-winning romance writer of the very sexy sci-fi romance series, The Cat Star Chronicles. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and lives with her husband, two sons, five cats, two horses, and one dog in Indiana. The tenth book in the Cat Star Chronicles, Rascal, will be in stores in 2014! For more information, please visit or follow her on Twitter: @CherylCatMaster.

To Purchase Wildcat:

-- Lynda Again,
    Here's a link to the first Cheryl Brooks guest post from way back then. I can tell you now...I'm looking forward to the next book in this series but I see I have to wait until 2014! Ah well.
    For Star-Crossed Romance readers...leave a comment AND send me an email ( )with Warrior in the subject line, and your name and address in the body. I'll have my alien kitten, Wookie, pick the winners (we'll have two lucky readers!) on Friday. She's going to be in catnip heaven, lol.
   Have a Blessed Day!.

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21 Responses to "Guest - Cheryl Brooks 9 Lives Book Blogger Hop"

Lynda K. Scott said...

Good morning, Cheryl! I LOVE your Cat-Star Chronicles (as you may have figured out by now, lol) and can't wait for #10. You need to write faster!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Good morning, and thanks for having me here on Star-Crossed Romance! LOL! I can write them a lot faster than I can publish them since I've given up the nursing gig. No telling what will happen now!

cory said...

another great book leo and tisana ahhhh what else is there to say

Cheryl Brooks said...

Thanks, Cory!

And thanks to Lynda for the terrific review of Wildcat! That one will keep me smiling for a long, long time!

ELF said...

I am enjoying visiting new blogs and stalking (ahem, following) you around. Good luck with the new release, I am sure it will be as much fun to read as the others.

Cheryl Brooks said...

Hi Elf! Stalk away!

diva donna said...

I loved Warrior. It was my first of Cheryl's books. It felt right. I related to that character Tisana too. She appealed to my inner Witch. And a unbelievable Sexy Cat was a real added bonus. It made me brave the erotic adult warnings on her blog. I pushed past it, and became a big fan of her books and I believe a friend and I start my day off with her and her CBEB'ers every day. I'm looking forward to the next book. I was lucky to read the current book Wildcat. And Highly recommend it.

Cheryl Brooks said...

Thanks, Donna! I had so much fun writing that book. She appealed to my inner witch, too!

Anonymous said...

I love sci fi and romance. The worlds that authors such as you are amazing. I really enjoyed the tease. So what happened next?

Cheryl Brooks said...

LOL! It's a secret!

bn100 said...

Very nice interview.


Cheryl Brooks said...

Thanks, BN!

Chelsea said...

I would love to win a copy! I have only read "Stud" so far but I loved it and have added several of the other books from the series to my TBR list.

Lynda K. Scott said...

If you want to enter the drawing for WARRIOR, make sure you email me at Put WARRIOR in the Subject line and your name and address in the body. You have until Friday ;-)

Cheryl Brooks said...

Glad you enjoyed Stud, Chelsea! Good luck in the contest!

Emmel said...

My favorite part of the interview--what got Cheryl's husband and son to realize Mom's writing thing was serious--Star Trek! :-)

Lynda K. Scott said...

Congrats to Jackie and Chelsea who my alien kitten, Wookie, chose to win a copy of WARRIOR! I've sent private emails to both of you and to the lovely Danielle of Sourcebooks so you should receive your copy of WARRIOR ASAP!

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