Guest - Sara Humphreys

Guest - Sara Humphreys - Hi bertemu lagi dengan saya di tempat berbagi Chord Gitar Indonesia, Pada kesempatan kalini saya akan berbagi Kunci gitar yang berjudul Guest - Sara Humphreys, saya telah menyediakan lirik lagu lengkap dengan chord gitarnya dari awal lagi sampai akhir lagu. mudah-mudahan isi postingan kunci gitar yang saya tulis ini mudah untuk di pahami oleh kalian dan semoga bermanfaat juga. oke langsung saja ini chord gitar nya.

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Guest - Sara Humphreys

Good morning! This will be our last guest post for the year so it's terrific to have author Sara Humphreys come visit us. Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and a plate of cookies, then pull up a comfy chair. Oh and before I forget, Sara's publicist, the lovely Danielle, is offering 1 copy of Unclaimed to one reader (US and Canada only). All you have to do is send me an email with Unclaimed in the subject line and your name and address in the body. Send it to On Friday, I'll have my alien kitten Wookie select a winner. Good luck and Enjoy today's interview!


Have you ever wept over a character?
Sara: Yes. I can’t say exactly what happened in that scene because I don’t want there to be any spoilers but it involved Steven. He’s a supporting character in UNCLAIMED but the poor guy gets put through the ringer.

Have you ever had to kill off a character? How did you make that choice? Or was that choice taken from you by the story/characters?
Sara: I haven’t killed off any main characters or former heros/heroines but the opposite happened. I was going to kill off Steven but then I decided that I liked him too much and now he’s become a fan favorite. Readers are clamoring for his book and I hope to give it to them soon.

Have you fought with your characters? Who usually wins?
Sara: Yes, and they do. The characters drive the story and if I don’t listen to them then things come to a screeching halt.

What genres (or sub-genres) have your explored? Which do you find the most challenging? Why?
Sara: I’m about to dive into my first contemporary romance series, The McGuire Brothers and while I’m really excited, I’m also kind of nervous because all of my other books are paranormal. The luxury when writing PNR is that I get to create the entire world and make all the rules—which is really liberating. There are no limits in paranormal romance other than the rules that I create but with contemporary romance, I have to work within the rules of the real world.

Which sub-genre of Romance do you feel the most comfortable writing in? Why?
Sara:  Paranormal because I love building the world and making the rules up for my characters. It’s such a blast!

How do you know when you’ve hit your zone?
Sara: I block out everything else and it’s kind of like being in a time warp or being abducted by aliens. If I’m in the zone then I can write for four or five hours straight and when I look at the clock, it’s shocking to see how much time went by.

Do you have a daily writing ritual?
Sara: Coffee. Writing. Repeat. Oh, and laundry is usually sprinkled in throughout the day. I have four boys, so there’s LOTS of laundry.

Thanks so much for having me here today!


Tatiana Winters loves the freedom of her life as a veterinarian in Oregon. It's only reluctantly that she agrees to help cure a mysterious illness among the horses on a Montana ranch—the ranch of the Amoveo Prince. Tatiana is no ordinary vet—she's a hybrid from the Timber Wolf Clan, but she wants nothing to do with the world of the Amoveo shifters.

But There's No Escaping Destiny…

Dominic Trejada serves as a Guardian, one of the elite protectors of the Prince's Montana ranch. As a dedicated Amoveo warrior, he is desperate to find his mate, and time is running out. He knows Tatiana is the one—but if he can't convince her, he may not be able to protect her from the evil that's rapidly closing in... 

About The Author
Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and public speaker, Sara lives in Bronxville, NY, with her husband, who is very considerate of her double life, and four amazing boys. For more information about her books and to join her street team, please visit, follow her on Twitter, @AuthorSara, and find her on Facebook:

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Don't forget to send me an email to enter the drawing for a copy of Unclaimed. Put Unclaimed in the subject line and your name and address in the body. Send it to . On Friday, I'll have my alien kitten Wookie select a winner. Good luck!

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