Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time to Write

I've been struggling with revisions to one of my favorite books (well, to be honest, whichever book I'm currently writing IS my favorite but that's another blog post). And struggling to find the time, and energy, to work on it due to mega hours of over time on the dreaded day job.

With the number of people losing their jobs, I suppose I have to be grateful that I'm working (and since my DH's hours have been cut back due to the economy, the extra money comes in handy). But having to go to bed before it's completely dark outside and getting up long before sunrise takes its toll on my creativity and on my ability to get the work done. Add to that, the time it takes to do normal living chores like housework (which I'd gladly give up if the Health Department wouldn't condemn my house, lol) or meal preparation (my DH would be hard pressed to boil water) or spending time with the DH or my 'girls' Wookie and Zuzu who demand some attention.

Still, I do try to spend some time every day writing. It just doesn't seem to be much time. And I think many writers have this same problem. Many of us have dreaded day jobs and family and pets and homes to keep up in addition to our writing. It's a chore and, for those who haven't been bitten by the writing bug, it would seem easy to just not write.

I can't do that. I have to write. When I don't, I get twitchy. My poor characters start feeling ignored. They complain or whine or demand attention just as surely as Wookie and Zuzu and my DH do.

I've tried staying up later to write but I find that I do need sleep after all. My efforts to write when I'm half comatose from lack of sleep are pretty much futile. I end up cutting as much as I've written. The result is for every hundred words written, about ten will remain. This is not progress, not really.

So I'm trying to cut back on other activities. Email is one. I've already gone no-mail on many of my lists (so if you try to contact me, do send an individual email not through a group).

I'm open to other suggestions if you have any.

Lynda, who is now heading off to work before she's late, lol

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Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I'm sorry you're slammed, Lynda. As you said, the problem with the writing bug is you can't ignore it, and not being able to write makes everything else harder to do. I wish I knew the secret to finding time for everything - mostly all we can do is muddle along and wedge in the writing time whenever we can.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lynda, I can so identify with the comotose thing. It's only because my health crashed, and I couldn't work a day job, that I now have time to write. Although, I have to say the promo whirl is kicking my butt. And my time escapes when I want/need to be writing.
Here's wishing you more time and energy.