Friday, March 25, 2011

Star Light, Star Bright...Interstellar Interview with Moira Rogers

Who is Moira Rogers? A fabulous writing duo made up of a former forensic science/nursing student obsessed with paranormals and a computer programmer who's passionate for gritty urban fantasy. Along with their writing talents, they toss in a smidge of whimsy, and good amount of caffeine, and enjoy chocolates by the full moon light. So it's no wonder they refer to themselves as "the worlds dorkiest romantic comedy series, only with fewer Big Misunderstandings."

By day, Bree (the techie writer) and Donna (the writer of doctors) are mild-mannered ladies residing in the Deep South. At night, while their families are asleep, they combine forces to unleash the product of their fevered imaginations on the page. However they're quick to add any crime fighting abilities appear only in those creative imaginings and finally in their novels.

What spawned the idea for your Southern Arcana series, and using New Orleans as a setting for the supernatural society ?

Donna: Honestly, the mystique and energy of the city is undeniable. So much seems possible in NOLA! We wanted to set our series there, but we also wanted to veer away from the general perception that it’s going to be all brooding vampires, all the time. So we said, “What else can we do?”

Out of all the paranormal characters available, why did you choose to mix shapeshifters and psychics/empaths together? Is there a reason why many of your characters are loners or people running from their past?

Bree: Though I could probably come up with a fancy reason, the truth is...those were the ones we were most fascinated by! There’s a nice contrast between physical and mental strength, and it can cause interesting problems the characters have to get out of!

When did you get your "break" in publishing? What's been the best moment you've experienced as a writer? Have there been any negatives?

Bree: I think our big break was actually when our Samhain editor, Anne Scott, rejected a story we submitted to her. Yes, it was a rejection, but she took the time to tell us what about the story hadn’t worked for her, and it ended up making so much sense that we knew we wanted to work with her. Since she invited us to submit to her again, we sent a second book to her a few months later--and signed our first contract with her. Last week, we signed our sixteenth!

Donna: That was, by the way, the best rejection ever. I still appreciate it a lot.

Writing as a duo, what helps keep the balance, and how do you work together to produce your fabulous books?

Donna: We spend a lot of time talking about characters and plotlines and series and what’s next for us. It’s all about compromise, and making sure we’re as close to 100% on the same page as possible. Other than that, we divvy up administrative tasks and try to support one another as much as we can.

Do you have any news or upcoming releases fans need to know about?

Bree: Oh, we’ve always got a few projects in the works! This summer, we have two short stories, SABINE and KISRI due out. They’re both shapeshifter romance stories set in a fantasy world. And this fall is the release of our fourth Southern Arcana book, CIPHER.

To find out more about Moira Rogers, check out As promised, one post-er will win a digital copy of one of the Southern Arcana novels if you include your e-mail address with your post!


annalisa said...

Hi Bree! Hi Donna! All of your books sound awesome and the covers are so gorgeous. Of all the books you have written, do you have a favorite?


Lil said...

I enjoyed reading this post and am particularly intrigued with the idea of mixing shifters and psychic/empaths together.

donnas said...

Great interview. Ive been wanting to start the Southern Arcana novels but havent had the chance yet. Going to have to do that soon.

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