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Guest Blogger - Ashlyn Chase

Good morning! This week we welcome author Ashlyn Chase to our small corner of the universe. Ashlyn Chase describes herself as an Almond Joy bar. A little nutty, a little flaky, but basically sweet, wanting only to give her readers a scrumptious, satisfying, reading experience.

She worked as a psychiatric nurse for several years and spent a few more years working for the Red Cross. She credits her sense of humor to her former careers since comedy helped preserve whatever was left of her sanity. Ashlyn holds a degree in behavioral sciences and has been trained as a fine artist, registered nurse, hypnotherapist, and interior designer. That’s nice to know but not important to her career as a multi-published author. She is published with Liquid Silver Books as Cyndi Redding and Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press as Ashlyn Chase.

Most writers, whether they’re aware of it or not, have a ‘theme,’ some sort of thread that runs through all of their books, uniting the whole mishmash into an identifiable signature. Ashlyn’s identified theme involves characters who reinvent themselves. It’s no wonder since she has reinvented herself numerous times. Finally content with her life, she lives in beautiful New Hampshire with her true-life hero husband and a spoiled brat cat.

What do my husband, family and friends think of my writing?

This is a question I get frequently, probably since I write erotic romance. Since I believe in being completely honest (or joking around if I can’t be) I’ll give you the surprising truth.

My husband tells me I’m the coolest wife ever. At first he wasn’t very supportive, thinking this was just another “pipe dream.” But soon he came to realize that this writing thing made me happy and I was working my fingers to the bone to succeed. Now he’s a big fan and wants to read all my work as soon as it’s finished. I’m glad I didn’t let his earlier feelings discourage me! He says he even tells the guys at work about it now. They all think I’m the coolest wife ever too. One guy said, “Let’s see…accountant? Erotica writer? You win.”

My daughter vacillates between being proud of me and refusing to acknowledge I’m her mother. (Laughs) “Just don’t tell my friends…” she says. Okay, I can understand that. But once in a while one of her friends or coworkers wants to know where they can buy my books. Ah ha! She does talk about what I do. But does she read it? No. Never. And that’s fine with me too!

Let’s see… How about the in-laws? Well, my father-in-law and his third wife think it’s great that I have a career and make enough money to contribute to the household. Do they read it? I doubt it. They’re “nice” people who go to Mass every Sunday and volunteer in soup kitchens. I, on the other hand, am probably going straight to Hell. Hey, at least they’re praying for me.

My mother-in-law. This was the biggest surprise. Recently, she broke her hip and stayed with us for a month while I took care of her. She saw how hard I work and then, without my knowledge, picked up an anthology off the shelves with one of my short stories in it! Oh my goodness. I almost freaked out when I heard that. But, she liked it, and said so! She even told me about the parts she especially liked so there’s no doubt in my mind that she did, indeed, read the story. Okay, score a whole bunch of cool points for my mother-in-law.

Now friends and neighbors. What an odd mix of reactions I get from them! Friends support my career. As far as I know there’s only one who wants to read my books and she waits until they’re in paperback. The neighbors don’t invite me to any more Tupper parties. Aww… I’m crying into my checkbook, which used to bleed green because of all these product parties!

The upshot of this article is: if they love you, they only want your happiness and will continue to associate with you. If they don’t, perhaps you’re being used or you were never truly friends in the first place.

Where there’s fire, there’s Ash

Heaving Bosoms now in paperback: Details below.
The sequel Quivering Thighs, coming 2/8/08

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5 Responses to "Guest Blogger - Ashlyn Chase"

Corrina Cowan said...

Great post, Ashlyn! I just wanted to drop in and say Hi. It was great meeting you at the MERWA meeting on Saturday. I really enjoyed your workshop.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Ash, that's a scream about your bleeding-green checkbook. Hey, write an erotic comedy about tupperware freaky fun for all, unless you already have...
I luv your attitude about who loves you and who doesn't.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Thanks for stopping a while and saying Hello, Corinna and Savanna!

It was great to meet you too, Corinna and the Maine group is fantastic!

Savanna, I love the idea about the Tupperware story. I can definitely run with that. Hmmm... A bored Tupperware lady who finds a few more uses for the stuff and livens up those parties. LOL.

My daughter works at Sterilite so I have tons of that. (She's the head of the art department.) Designs labels and ads, mostly. It's great stuff.


Lynda K. Scott said...

Great column, Ashlyn! Thanks for being here today.

It's amazing how our families and friends see our writing, isn't it? One of my co-workers refers to me as the 'famous author'. Ahem. I'm going to assume he's not being sarcastic, lol, since he seems suitably impressed. My family, otoh, just kind of ignores the whole situation :D Got to love them.

Xandra Gregory said...

You should find neighbors who have Pure Romance parties, LOL! Much more fun than Tupperware.

Your story is really amazing--reinventing yourself can be a big risk but I'm so glad it worked out for you. :)